FU Rain Umbrella

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I know that rain is important and stuff … but I can’t stand it! Give the rain the finger (or anyone for that matter) with this graphic umbrella by Moscow studio Art Lebedev. Wondering why you got stopped by the police for the fifth time today, my guess you took …

Exhaust Pipe Docking Station

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I call this great recycling! Take old exhaust pipes, bend them, polish them and add some tech and done. You are good to nature and probably get rich. It’s a win – win situation. With the right apartment these phone docking stations could actually look pretty good.
Check them out: Ixoost …

Giant Pug Mask

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For all kinds of new way to doggy style it!

Each Pug Mask is made of plush faux fur, with extra hanging down in the front and back to tuck into your clothes. The eyes are mesh, so you can peer out. But those features aren’t the coolest thing about the …

Birds Eye View Over Iceland

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When we moved to Iceland for our 91 Days there we didn’t know that our landlord was a pilot in training and needed tons of hours in the air. So we got to fly with him several times over the amazing landscapes of Iceland. In these 3 month I was …

Bubble Hourglass

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I kind of feel sad for the trapped bubbles. They will will experience freedom!

As with a regular hourglass, the glass is hand-blown by skilled craftsmen, but here the sand is replaced by bubbles formed by specially formulated soap-water passing through the constriction in the middle.
More info: Bubble Hourglass
-1 Hour …

New Way To Pay

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May I introduce Loop Pay to you! You might have already hear about One Coin .. where you can store several cards into one to reduce the size of your wallet. Well now there is Loop Pay!
I’m thinking of buying the Loop Pay Card, it comes with a device …

The Tea Tongue

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Let it hang it all out!!! I really hope there is no tongue flavored teas!
Steeping your tea has never been more enjoyable and eye-catching. Great for making tea in the office or at home!
Great gift for any Rolling Stones fans or tea enthusiasts.
Buy it here: The Tea Tongue
-My …

Free Aerial Wallpapers For Your Phone

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During our For 91 Days in Iceland we took 3 scenic flights over this amazing island. It kept us speechless every single time. A lot of the images on that Tumblr remind me of the landscapes of Iceland from above. Just head over to the page and download your favorite …

Future Fossils – Relicts From the 70ies and 80ies

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Buy it here: Instant Camera Fossil
My nieces and nephew have no Idea what any of these are! Oh man, kind makes me feel old!

Inspired by a transitory nature of even our most beloved gadgets, artist Jeff Klarin hand casts each camera sculpture and ages them to achieve the look of …

Slinky Master 2014

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Yes! Work that slinky without squeezing your pinky my friend. I’m sincerely impressed by that kid’s skills but then I started to think in how many hours he put in. Real life opportunities missed. But then on the other hand … will he get laid! Emm .. hell yeah!
-Movies For …

Desk Lamp Candle Holder

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Combination of modern and olden days. I like it.

The holder’s fixed neck keeps a candle level, two flexible spring-loaded tension joints adjust to any position up to 24″ H, and its weighted base provides stability, providing an ambient glow ideal for studying a manuscript or telling tales.
More info: Desk …

Crazy Cat Temple In Tokyo

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Meow! This temple is technically in Tokyo but from our apartment in Koto-Ku it was almost more like a day-trip to get to this cat temple. The first time I saw this temple was on the Amazing Race and I knew I wanted to go there to if we ever …

The Almost Perpetual Motion Marble Kit

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One Day! One Day!

Easy to put together with some solder, glue, and tools you have at home, you’ll have a super keen solar powered device on your desk. Working with original designer Martin Raynsford, Solarbotics has developed this keen kit. Once built, the Solarbotics Perpetual Motion Marble Kit will collect …

Play Marble Temple

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Collect jewels and put the marble right into the hole. This fun free online game is like a mini golf game with a mystical touch. Place the marble, click and aim and soon you will be the master of this skill game with tons of different levels.
Play it here: Marble …

Blinky Winky Bag

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Ready or not here it winks!!!!

Get ready to strut your stuff with this Hi-Di-Hi 3D Aqua & Dark Purple Winky Crossbody Travel Bag! Every time you take a step on your next adventure, a stunning green eye in hologram will give you and all those around you a flirty wink.
More …

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