Weird Jewelry – Clamp Earrings

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Probably not the best for your blood circulation in your ear but it would come handy if you’re out and about and desperately need to clamp … em something.
Inspired by industrial pipe clamps, The Clamp Series by Drilling Lab is a collection of jewelry that celebrates the industrial aesthetics of …

Would I Recommend Buying A OnePlus Phone? NO!

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I’m so fed up with OnePlus! I’ve been patient for almost three months, and I can’t take it anymore. I need to vent!
In January 2015, I bought the OnePlus One phone and initially was very happy with it; it was nicely built and fast. But in May, I had a …

Dronies are the new Selfies

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I know, I’m not the fastest one to jump on this bandwagon but to my defense I was never into selfies to begin with. But to my relief I’ve noticed that the amount of selfie sticks being used are going back. I rarely see them these days and especially the …

Trippin’ Without The Trip

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That’s what I love about being in a big city (preferrable in the Summer). You stroll around without having a plan and you discover something awesome? We just planned to take a walk at Montreal’s Old Port and saw signs for the Chromatic Festival. So we checked it out and …

The Poopy Elections of 2016

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And there is good reason why there is no poopy figure of Bernie Sanders!
Show your support (or lack thereof) for your “number 2” candidate at the polls! Lil’ Stinker comes with 2 flags to personalize his mini flagpole and help you express that deep-down urge to be a part of …

Making Dragon Beard Candy In Montreal

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While exploring Montreal’s Chinatown I saw in one corner of my eyes this sweets shop and I knew instantly we were in for a treat. I always wanted to see this in person, making Dragon Beard Candy right in front of me. She said the base mass was made out …

YES! You Can Buy Sourdough Starter Online…. Thanks to….

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…. of course Thanks to Amazon. I made my very own sourdough starter a while ago by exposing flour and water to the bacteria in the air. It works perfectly but it’s very time consuming. Here is a video on how to do it: DIY Sourdough Starter. It will take …

And this is how they make Maple Syrup

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Hello from freezing Montreal, our latest For 91 Days location. But apperently these temperatures are perfect for the Maple Syrup Season. These temps guarantee a good flow for the liquid gold harvest. Below you’ll find a link where we write about the sugar shack and the process of making maple …

BB-8 Floor Lamp

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BB-8 is the driving merchandise bait due to the recent Star Wars movie. And I’m not surprised. It’s just so darn cute. So why not decorate your house with this beauty?

This BB-8 Life-Size LED Floor Lamp stands 28 1/2″ tall and casts light on your subject of choice, whether that’s …

Animal Inside Out Montreal

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For our travel project we’re now in Montreal and when we heard about the Animal Inside out Montreal at the Science Center, naturally we had to go right away.
Thanks to a technique called “plastination” these animals are preserved and are able to be showcased skinless. The visit was definitely interesting …

This Changes Everything: Got A Drone

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The thing with drones, I kind of hate them but I always wanted one. I’m a photographer travelling constantly to new places and having the option to take birds eye footage just opens up tons of new possibilities. But buying one for myself, nope! So there was this big birthday …

Piggy Bookends

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Don’t be a pig and read more books!

Beatifully crafted from resin and pewter, the Pig Bookends are perfect for organizing your favorite cookbooks, or as a decorative item anywhere in your home.
Enjoy as a sculpture, or separate the pig in half and reveal realistic slices of “ham” in the cross-sections. …

Vacation Rental In Valencia Spain

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If you’re a long time reader you probably know that we lived in Valencia before we started with our For 91 Days travel project. So, for the last year we’ve been back in Valencia to work on getting ourselves an apartment, fix it up and get it ready to rent …

Jinni Alternative: TRY CRITICKER

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Jinni has changed and it’s not the same movie recommendation site like it used to be. Which leaves many users stranded and in need to find an alternative to Jinni, so they can to watch new movies according to their taste.
Good news is, there is Criticker. It has been around …

Personal Sub-Surface Watercraft For Two

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I love diving but even after diving for couple of times (especially loved the underwater museum) it still makes me nervous. This would be be a good solution for the days when you just don’t feel like it!

This is the partially submersible watercraft that provides above- and underwater viewing options, …

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