iPhone Christmas Lights USB Charger

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For the Grinch in the office.

Now you can tell the floor-monitor to festively stick that OSHA clipboard where the Christmas lights don’t shine, because these are powered by USB. If you can plug a cable into your computer to charge your phone while you’re at work, you can string these …

Give Up Online Game!

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I’m not trying to tell you to give up on life! But I’m trying to tell you to play this awesome Jump and Run game I just added to the Random Good Games collection. The game keeps asking you to finally press the Give Up Button. Don’t do it though!!! …

State Fair Water Blaster Arcade Game

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Now, I call this an activity for a birthday party!

This is the same two-player game found at theme parks, state fairs, and arcades that challenges players to quench “fires” by aiming streams of water at a series of “burning” windows. Complete with flashing lights, lighted scoring marquee, arcade sounds, and …

My Favorite Airbnb Rentals At The Moment

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We are staying right now in a pretty Airbnb place in Valencia and are kind of sad to leave this place with an incredible view. So I started daydreaming and thinking about in what Airbnb we should stay next. So I did some research and these are the current place …

Strange Monkeys In A Banana Boat Salt And Pepper Shaker

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Not adding anything else further except for the google translation text on the website of the German company selling these:

Go for the ape strong spice-drive on your table! The Banana Bros accelerator – salt and pepper your food in an original way. The two brothers cheeky monkeys can be easily …

Cat Drinking From Faucet

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Yes, I got a new hobby! Photography cats, ever since I started to photograph these soft pawed beasts in Istanbul I’m kind of addicted to take cat photos. So I started this blog called: Daily Cat Istanbul. But even after leaving Istanbul I took pictures of street cats. So of …

Smartphone Paper Projector

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It’s not going to be in HD but I love the idea!

The Smartphone Projector 2.0 will allow you to transform your smartphone into a cinema experience. Featuring a silicone grip that will securely hold you phone in place, the projector for smartphones has an 8 x magnification lens and adjustable …

Tower Defense Game: Kingdom Rush

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I haven’t posted a game in a while and honestly thought that the time of browser games are over since most game developers are flocking to produce games for mobile devices. Well, I was wrong! Kingdom Rush is a superb game, which is also available as a download for Android …

Super Cute Ladybug Contact Lenses Container

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If Mike wouldn’t have gotten his Lasik Operation in Korea this would be under the Christmas tree for him this year.

Sure you could be boring and use the contact lens case that came with your cleaning solution. But you’re NOT boring! Our adorable contact lens case with ladybugs on …

The Banana Trick: Slices Inside Peel

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Yes, this would have fooled me. Am I easy to fool? Maybe! They only thing you need is a sawing needle and a banana. That’s all and your kids, grandma or your neighbor will be put into a blizz for hours after they peel the banana and find it already …

Over 70 Ugly Christmas Sweaters

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It’s not me who categorized these sweaters as “ugly” it was Neatoshop. I think some are exremely cool and I would actually wear them (for Christmas). For example I love the Never Ending Christmas, I Dig Christmas,Stitch in Time ones. Love the stitch look on them and I bet …

Who Is The Best Flipbaord Flipper?

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Ever since Flipboard showed up as a stock app on my Android phone I kind of hated. But things changed since they allowed you to set up your magazine. It’s similar to Pinterest but I think the user interface looks overall smoother and it’s a bit more fun to use.
If …

No Rinse / No Shower Shampoo Cap

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I think showering is overrated anyways. Enjoy the itch!
No Shower Shampoo Cap! Easily shampoo and condition hair without rinsing. Simply place the cap on the head and massage the scalp and hair until it is thoroughly saturated, remove, and towel dry. The cap leaves hair fresh and clean with virtually …

Turkish Spiral Candy

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This video is the first of our Travel Videos going viral. It has over a million views! It feels great to be viral. At least in terms of social media.
We spotted this guy right at the Galata bridge making these taffy like soft candies aka Ottoman Candy. Especially the squeeze …

Bulbing Skull Lamp

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Woah .. this looks so cool. Want it! Or to decorate for Halloween in a minimalist way.
This captivating LED lamp is made out of a thin sheet of acrylic glass, which is known for its light transmitting properties, laser engraved with lines that suggest three dimensionality. When inserted into the …

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