Secure Your Cubicle – Lazer Trip Wire

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According to all the James Bond, Pink Panther, and other spy or “heist” movies, valuables are always guarded by glistening red beams. Cross a beam and a loud alarm sounds, which normally summons scores of security guards, ninjas, or robot henchmen. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an inexpensive way to get this sort of security for your cubicle?

Luckily, we found the Lazer Tripwire – a wonderful addition to low-cost personal property protection. It doesn’t use lasers (hence, Lazer), but rather infrared light beams. You get three Lazer units, one primary and two secondary (each with a sensitivity switch to compensate for different light conditions). Clamp the Lazer units anywhere, and just align each Sender (IR light) to each Receptor (light sensor). Use only two Lazer units, or set up a perimeter with three or more units (multiple sets can be combined for one major invisible protection system). When all the units are connected, a nice voice will announce “System Armed.” Break one beam, though, and an alarm will sound, alerting everyone to the security breach. Ninjas and robot henchman, sold separately.


Laser Tripwire


* 1 Master Unit
* 2 Secondary Units
* Mist Bottle (so you can “see” the “lazer beams”)
* Requires: 6 AAA batteries (not included)
* Approx Dimensions of Lazer Unit: 5.5” x 3.5” x 2”


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