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Album #1 Sigur Ros – Takk..

I went to see Sigur Ros earlier this year and I didn’t like the new songs they played. After finally listening to the new cd (Takk), I have to take everything back. It’s wonderfull!!


Words will never suffice to adequately describe the music of Sigur Ros. Coming from Iceland, in a little more than five years, they’ve made the universe their stage, with a sound that doesn’t repeat anywhere else in nature and touching some of the deepest fibers you could ever imagine to be found inside of you.

With a balance of instruments and ethereal voices that doesn’t know barriers or limitations imposed by musical genres, their fourth album, “Takk…”, exceeds all expectations by their previous fans, leaving their previous production, “( )”, in the dust. It will take you in a trance you will not want to leave and it will force those riding with you in the car to tag along with you, something that they are not likely to regret.

If you think I am exaggerating, take a pick: there’s almost no part of this album that you can go wrong with. Whether you want to call their sound post-rock or any other name you care to give it, it doesn’t matter. The truth is, if you could see their music… you would see heaven.

Listen to a song snipet:


Track list of Takk..

1. Takk
2. Glosoli
3. Hoppipolla
4. Meo Blodnasir
5. Se Lest
6. Saeglopur
7. Milano
8. Gong
9. Anduari
10. Svo Hljott
11. Heysatan

At Amazon for $10.99

Album #2 Kanye West – Late Registration

Review by Constant

Kayne West returns with his second solo album “Late Registration” (2005). To say Kayne West has made an impact on the music and entertainment world is an understatement, simply read the latest copy of Time magazine and you will see what I mean. Kayne West’s production skills are definitely on point as beats throughout this album are excellent. The albums single’s “Gold Digger” feat. Jamie Foxx and “Diamonds From Sierra Leone” are both distinct tracks, I prefer the later. My favorite collaboration on this album is the first track “Heard Em Say”, Kayne West and Maroon 5’s Adam Levine team up for a memorable cut. Some production help comes from Just Blaze who sampled Curtis Mayfield “Move On Up” for “Touch The Sky” an uplifting track, which has West and Lupe Fiasco shining. The next couple of tracks are good, though in all honesty I find myself listening to the beats/samples more the lyrics. The Hank Crawford sample used on “Drive Slow” reminds me of the one used on a track off 2Pac’s All Eyes on Me. Kayne West helped Game out on “Dreams” so it makes sense that he return the favor on “Crack Music”. Brandy laces “Bring Me Down” with some smooth vocals, while Kayne West talks about the haters. The remix of “Diamonds From Sierra Leonne” feat. Jay-Z follows. Hov’s former rival Nas drops in and provides some substance on “We Major”. Kayne West praises and shows his love for his mom on the dedication “Hey Mama”. Consquence and Cam’Ron hook up with Kayne for “Gone” another standout, which samples Otis Redding’s “It’s To Late”. Production wise this album is impressive, West samples and innovates well. Lyrically I find Kayne West to be hit or miss, shining on some tracks while barely leaving an impression on others. That said he remains the same rapper, and I respect him for not trying to take on another persona as some do. I recommend picking up “Late Registration” its an album that vibes well, one which fans of many different musical genres will enjoy.

Listen to a song snipet:

Touch The Sky featuring Lupe Fiasco

Track list

1. Wake Up Mr. West
2. Heard ‘Em Say featuring Adam Levine of Maroon 5
3. Touch The Sky featuring Lupe Fiasco
4. Gold Digger featuring Jamie Foxx
5. Skit #1
6. Drive Slow featuring Paul Wall & GLC
7. My Way Home featuring Common
8. Crack Music featuring Game
9. Roses
10. Bring Me Down featuring Brandy
11. Addiction
12. Skit #2
13. Diamonds From Sierra Leone (Remix) featuring Jay-Z
14. We Major featuring Nas & Really Doe
15. Skit #3
16. Hey Mama
17. Celebration
18. Skit #4
19. Gone featuring Consequence & Cam’Ron
20. **BONUS TRACK**Diamonds From Sierra Leone
21. **HIDDEN TRACK** Late

At Amazon for $10.99

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