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I HATE Antony and the Johnsons

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I can’t help it but I do really hate Antony and the Johnsons. The voice makes me puke. My guess the lady on the cover of his CD thinks the same way … she just has to hold her ears. For some reason, people claim the CD "I am a bird now" to be CD of the year 2005. Whatever!

Decide for yourself, here is a music snipet WMA or Real Player of the first title "Hope there’s someone"

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Posted by   @   17 January 2006 4 comments
Jan 18, 2006
5:39 pm
#1 mpowell :

This is a great album! Sure, it might take a few listens to adjust to his voice, but once you do … you realize how gorgeous and haunting it is. The songs on this album are exquisitely written and it’s a truly original piece of art at a time when most pop music is way too cookie-cutter. Give it a chance!

Jan 19, 2006
7:58 am
#2 tom booth :

This is a really bizare album if you can get past the fact that his voice makes you feel like you had a bender the night before the songs really dont make any sense and flows are terrible.

Mar 8, 2006
10:46 am
#3 yasemin :

the voice disturbs me the way too much too!

Jan 17, 2009
2:56 am
#4 mick dullard :

i hate them more. i never thought i’d ever hear something that makes thom yorke sound tough, but now i have. i’d rather listen to blackout crew’s “put a donk on it” whilst being made to share a bed made entirely out of fairly sharp cutlery with my loudly copulating parents than listen to another second of this drivel. forever.

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