Must have for every gamer – Logitech G15

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"The sweetness starts with an adjustable backlit LCD display. This allows you
to see crucial game data without using valuable screen real estate. You can
track in-game resources and set timers for game events.18 Programmable "G keys"
can perform complex macros – like casting spells – with a single keystroke. Of
course the glowing backlit keyboard helps with stealthy night gaming… no need
to alert the whole household to your insatiable addiction.

For those few minutes every day when you’re not gaming, the LCD display can
update you with useful system stats such as current music file playing, unread
e-mail count, CPU performance and clock. Channels under the G15 Keyboard
conveniently allow you to route cables for mouse and headset.

Logitech G15 Features

    View game stats
    Use the GamePanelâ„¢ LCD to view game stats, create
    new macros, and keep track of important system information without leaving the
    game. The LCD panel closes completely for transport and storage.

      Display Features While Gaming

    • In-game information, such as score, times, health status, leader board and
      ammunition levels, as supported by various games.
    • External PC information, such as CPU usage load, Internet connection speeds,
      time/date, and incoming e-mail or instant message alerts, enabling you to
      receive non-game critical information without interrupting your game.
    • Media Display for Currently playing audio files
    • Advanced customization: A publicly available Software Development Kit (SDK)
      allows gamers who are familiar with Windows/GDI C++ programming to create their
      own applications that display information on the LCD.

      Features in Standard Windows

    • Media Display for Currently playing audio files
    • Clock with date and analog face
    • Unread E-mail count
    • CPU/Memory Usage

    Play in the dark
    characters are easily visible in both bright- and low-light conditions, with
    three levels of backlighting for late-night gaming sessions.

    and save macros with a press of a button.

    18 fully programmable “G Keys”
    have three shift states each, for 54 possible custom macros per game

    Eliminate cable hassles!
    Intelligently route mouse, headset,
    or other cables using convenient channels under the keyboard.

    custom key sequences.

    Make on-the-fly additions to your key programming
    set with Macro Record button. Watch and listen. Convenient media keys for easy
    management of audio and video playback.


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