Who wins the Fifa World Cup 2006

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In the last poll I asked you which is your favorite site from the Random Good Stuff family

Criticker – The Movie Recommendation engine
Random Good Stuff – That stupid wacky blog with a lot of Typos
MrDealio – Which lets you track prices of products and send you email alerts
Lastminute Auction – The site which lists up 20.000 auctions at one dollar with only one hour left

I am not too surprised that Random Good Stuff was the winner by far  … but I am kind of shocked that only one person was voting for Lastminute Auction. Man … LM is my baby.. the very first site I / we published. Well maybe this video make you like LM more. Here are the results…

Ok the new poll is … well of course Fifa Wolrd Cup related. It’s Semi Finals and Germany is still in the game. Yeah. You all should have seen my being all German in the in Springfield OH.

Picture 9

Ok here is your poll … Who will win the world cup?

Posted by   @   2 July 2006 2 comments
Jul 2, 2006
7:36 pm

I think that france will win

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