Stop Discount Cards to fill up your wallet

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This is such a great and simple idea!


1. Remove all those stupid discount cards from your keychain that are just taking up space.

2. Find a sturdy card about the size of a credit card. An old wallet-sized discount card works, as well as half an index card trimmed to size.

3. Visit the barcode server with your cards in-hand.

4. Put your barcode number into the barcode server and generate the barcode. If your barcode is missing a number to conform to the 8-, 12- or 13-number barcode limitation try adding a 1 at the end. Use the half-height options for more barcodes per card – and also – if you put #####:StoreName it’ll come out with the store name at the top.

5. Print out each of these barcodes.

Repeat step 4-5 for each card you have.

6. Cut out each barcode with some scissors.

7. Glue, tape or otherwise affix each barcode to the card. You need to label each one as well if you didn’t include the name in the barcode generation.

8. Now you can either leave it like this, or laminate over it. Mine has been taped down for about a year with no problems whatsoever.

That’s it, enjoy!

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