The iEgg turns cat poo in easter eggs?

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Just kidding, but this machine is for real and it’s called the "Litter Robot" and it’s a self cleaning litter box.

Find out if the Litter Robot is for you cat:

Do you have a kitten or a small cat that weighs only 5 lbs or less?

To ensure the comfort and safety of your cat, we strongly advise against using the Litter-Robot in unsupervised, automatic mode for kittens or small cats weighing less than 5 pounds.  Due to their low weight, kittens and small cats will not activate the cat sensor.

You can, however, start the Litter-Robot cleaning cycle manually by plugging in the power cord when the litter bed needs to be cleaned and then unplugging the power cord again once the cycle has been completed.  You can continue this manual "supervised" mode until your kittens have gained sufficient weight to activate the cat sensor.  In this way, you still enjoy the benefit of not having to scoop the litter box by hand.

Does your cat weigh more than 15 lbs?

Cats weighing more than 15 pounds may not be comfortable in the space provided by the globe.  However, many owners of larger cats have let us know that their cats are using the Litter-Robot without any problems.  Large breed cats up to 20 pounds typically do well, while severely overweight cats are less likely to adjust to this box.

Is your cat diabetic?

Diabetic cats can produce very large urine clumps – large enough that they may not pass through the waste ports, preventing the Litter-Robot from automatically cleaning the litter.

Is your cat elderly and set in its ways?

A cat that does not accept change very well may reject a new litter box concept such as the Litter-Robot.

Is your cat extremely skittish and nervous?

Cats that are skittish, very nervous or easily scared are probably not good candidates for the Litter-Robotâ„¢.



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Aug 7, 2006
3:43 pm
#1 Tal :

Looks like the kinder-egg, I’m sure it doesn’t taste like it.

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