Aero-Garden Kit – Grow your own herbs

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For Herbs and such

I just can see it – this will be used not just to grow herbs for cooking. Bastards.

Product Info:


AeroGardenâ„¢ needs no messy soil, and your crop will be 100% natural! The roots grow in a 100%-humidity, rainforest environment, bathed in organic-based nutrients and surrounded by oxygen (the "aeroponic" method). Fully automated, so you don’t need a "green thumb". Dirt-free, pre-seeded pods act as miniature greenhouses for ultra-fast seed germination, often within 24 hours. Just drop them into place beneath the energy-efficient, daylight-spectrum bulbs (no sunlight needed). Automatically alerts you to add water and nutrients (included). Automatic timer turns grow lights on and off as needed.


Includes seven seed pods, each with a continuous harvest of three to six months (parsley, mint, dill, red Rubin basil, Italian basil, chives, cilantro); nutrient tablets; tending and harvesting guide.


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Posted by   @   31 October 2006 1 comments
Oct 31, 2006
7:18 pm
#1 Saundra in MO :

Don’t worry….it wouldn’t be worth buying for growing what you’re thinking. It’s too small to be any good for growing or starting anything other than herbs.

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