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Gay Marriage a conflict of generations?

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A while ago I asked my readers what their stand is towards Gay Marriages and above you see the results.

71% are pro Gay Marriages – COOL! XOXO to the majority of my readers. The 17.8% let me tell you one thing "GO TO HELL" … Just kidding … I do respect your your opinion.

Now what I found very interesting is that the whole "GAY" Issue won’t be an Issue on the long run … because when you go here …. You can filter on age ranges and it show that voters over 55 gave a 100% "No" Vote …. voters betweent 25-54 voted evenly Yes to gay marriages and why …. and voters under 24 gave a 100% YES vote.

Isn’t that interesting?

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Posted by   @   7 November 2006 5 comments
Nov 8, 2006
1:08 am
#1 Alex :

I don’t know if I’d call Random Good Stuff readers representative of the world’s population… Conservatives and Christians who don’t support gay marriage may not be as into dick wads and other humor you post here.

Nov 8, 2006
1:18 am

Alex thank you for your comment.

The world would be better place if more people would read RGS every single day.

Humor is good and besides I never claimed that RGS readers are representing the world’s population – But they might will!


Nov 8, 2006
8:42 pm
#3 Godfrey Daniel :

People under 24 eventually come to their senses on a broad range of issues. This will be one of them.

Nov 8, 2006
11:56 pm


things change and watch out the “younger” generation will rule your life soon too!

I have good hopes in the younger generation.

Nov 9, 2006
10:15 pm
#5 J :

One of the reasons to the “Why?” answer could be that as people begin to understand the issues – marriage to anyone doesn’t seem like a very good choice regardless of preference. Equal rights to all should be a given in the USA, without forcing unecessary religious aspects to adhere. Go after state & federal laws (after the previous election, their work is cut out for them). There are churches and facilities that do ceremonies for same sex couples if it’s important to them. I think the issue here is benefits rather than ceremony. However, overall – married people should have no additional benefits than those that are single…so from that aspect, the system needs a major overhaul.

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