A trip without drugs

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FUNKY!Look in my eyes!

Will the spinning disc work with other objects as well? The bunny is cute and all but it also kind of freaks me out.

Who needs class A drugs when you can freak yourself out with The Incredible Expanding Bunny. This excellent optical illusion game is absolutely brilliant and never fails to utterly do your head in without you needing to scramble you brains with chemicals.

Simply place the ‘yeah baby’ disc on a flat surface and spin it clockwise, then focus in on the white dot in the centre. After twenty seconds or so look at the Donnie-Darko-like scary white rabbit, and be prepared for a major head rush. The second you look at him he starts to rapidly expand before your eyes – it’s unbelievable. If you spin the disc the other way and repeat the exercise you’ll see the bunny shrink.

Better than Alice in Wonderland (and without the need for you to wear a hair band, funny dress and drink dubious potions) it’s a major crowd pleaser, a dizzying head rush, and has no side effects – aside from you wanting to show it to everyone you meet.


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Posted by   @   11 November 2006 1 comments
Nov 11, 2006
7:22 pm
#1 Lucas the Boo :

Holy crap, that rabbit did grow!

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