Star Wars Lifesize Jabba

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Perfect Star Wars gift

Now this is a cool xmas present:

The full size Jabba as shown on the pictures is 12 feet and 1 inch, 3.70 meters long, 5 feet and 9 inch, 1.80 meters tall and 6 feet and 1 inch, 1.90 meters deep from stomach to back.

Jabba is made out of polyurethane foam that is then coated with a 1 to 2 mm polyester medium layer for durability.
Without any exaggeration this beautiful Jabba is extremely detailed and a must-have for every die-hard Star Wars fan. This is the perfect Star Wars christmas gift.

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Jun 17, 2007
4:38 pm
#1 Jacob :

I found this great clip on It’s a great claymation movie about Darth Vader and the Emperor: . I laughed so hard!!!

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