Mexican Beans can jump

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I remember those from when I was a tiny geek.


Mexican Jumping Beans, the pulse with a pulse. What a great blast from the past. Haven’t seen these around since cars really were horse-powered and being cool was bad thing, cured only by a woolly jumper. These magic little beans contain a tiny grub which in the summer will emerge as a moth and flutter about. Before they do their Houdini escape bid, they will jump an estimated 1,000,000 times making them the fittest bugs on the planet no doubt.


They should be kept cool (no woolly jumpers please), and when you’re not marvelling at how these innocent looking beans are jumping about without the aid of legs, you should keep them in a drawer, or somewhere reasonably dark. Endlessly fascinating and decidedly weird, Mexican Jumping Beans rock, quite literally.



    • Mexican Jumping Beans that will bop around.

    • The beans are actually a section of a seed capsule containing the larva of a small grey moth.

    • The larva consumes the seed and throws itself from one wall to the other, i.e. jumping.

    • The Jumping Bean capsules typically separate into three sections.

    • After approximately 1,000,000 jumps the bean will stop jumping and a small grey moth will crawl out, bizarre heh!

    • Please keep the beans away from extreme heat, cold or light.

    • Suitable for ages 8 years+.


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