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An other Doctor Who gadget I could not resist…

Today’s computers are triumphs of technology, but divvy designers always seem to scrimp on the USB ports. A shame because practically every electronic device on the market is now USB-friendly – from cameras and MP3 players to phones, lava lamps and drum kits. (If you don’t believe us, just type ‘USB’ in our keyword search box). And who can be bothered fiddling around the back of their computer looking for spare ports?

Not us. That’s why we use USB hubs. But we don’t use any old hubs to bolster our USB connectivity. Good grief, no! We use ones shaped liked Doctor Who’s Tardis. Why? Well, for starters we love Doctor Who. But more than that we love the Tardis. This ingenious product of Time Lord technology is surely one of the most iconic objects in sci-fi history.

What’s more, the good Doctor’s Tardis (yeah, yeah, we know it stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space) is an obsolete Type 40 model with a jammed chameleon circuit, giving it the shape of a 1950s London police box. And it just doesn’t get any more eccentric or quirkily British than that.

The Doctor Who Tardis USB Hub boasts four ports in which to plug your various gizmos. Simply plug in and you’re away. But here’s the good bit: every time you connect or disconnect a device, the blue light on the top of the Tardis flashes and that unmistakable de-materialisation ‘vworp, vworp’ sound starts sawing away at your lugholes. Thankfully it doesn’t actually vanish into the time vortex, so you can enjoy the classic grating din again and again by plugging in more devices or pressing the demo button.

Perfect for Doctor Who fans or those of you who want to increase your USB connectivity via a pretend Gallifreyan time/space machine, the Tardis USB Hub makes an eye-catching addition to any work surface. And with 4 metres of cable, you can easily slip it out of view when the boss, wife, or anyone else who might disapprove of PC peripherals disguised as dimensionally transcendental vehicles, is around. Vworp, vworp!

Link: Doctor Who USB Hub

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