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Put What on My Lips?

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I was picking up a prescription at Walgreens today and during my wait I came across something I thought I’d never see in a pharmacy – Chicken Poop. It was wedged in between Chap-Stick and Burt’s Bees, and seemed like no one had bought a single tube (it was full of Chicken Poop tubes).

Thankfully, the tube has “contains no poop” written on it, or else I’m sure Walgreens wouldn’t carry it. They even have their website on it, I chuckled a bit – either this will do very well or it will flop because people are truly scared of it.

So I forked out the $2.49us (its $4 on their website!) for a tube of the stuff to take it back to the office and try it out. Although it has a warning label, “the safety of this product has not been determined,” which kind of scared me, the ingredients are rather harmless (jojoba oil, beeswax, etc) so I figured I’d put some “chicken poop” on my lips considering it is the season for that.

Surprisingly it tastes and feels nothing like I would expect chicken excrement to – its surprisingly pleasant. And people are pretty shocked when you pull a tube of caca out of your pocket to rub on your lips.

Check them out – 

Guest Blogger – Zach /  

Posted by   @   13 February 2007 1 comments
Feb 15, 2007
9:55 am
#1 RGS :

Zach, just wanted to let you know that Chicken Poops loves your post and added a link to RGS:

Keep up the good work.

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