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Cunt Coloring Book

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Cunt Colors

Excuse the strong language but that’s how it’s called "Cunt Coloring Book". Get the Crayons out and let’s color that cunt.

’In 1973 I set out to do drawings of women’s genitals for use in sex education groups. I wanted the drawings to be lovely and informative, to give pleasure and affirmation. I organized the drawings into a coloring book because a major way we learn to understand the world, as children, is by coloring. As adults many of us still need to learn about our external sexual anatomy.’ -Tee Corinne

More Info: Cunt Coloring Book

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Posted by Oren Wilkes   @   19 March 2007 10 comments
Mar 19, 2007
10:47 pm
#1 rosschrystall :

Great find

Mar 20, 2007
12:19 am
#2 Brohans :

YES! Wasn’t sure if we could do NSFW here. Now I know the answer :)

Mar 20, 2007
12:36 am
#3 RGS :

;) I think it’s SSFW (Super Save for Work) I mean it’s a coloring bookg .. right?

Mar 20, 2007
6:56 am
#4 Kahea :

I cant believe they published something titled that. ha ha. That is an amazing find.

Aug 1, 2007
2:55 pm

i literally went to amazon and bought one just now. it was 3.33 and i can’t pass up something this freaking awesome!

Aug 1, 2007
2:59 pm
#6 RGS :

Hello Antonio,

welcone to RGS and thank you for your first comment here…

Back to the cunt coloring books … I have seen people buy a copy for everyone in the office … lol!

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