Frog Pond Terrarium

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frog pond

It’s almost better than nature!

Watch as live tadpoles transform into frogs in this safe, self-contained environment.

  • Realistic, rainforest-like habitat provides a safe and healthy home for tiny tadpoles
  • Tadpoles are shipped directly to your home
  • Vented, see-thru lid allows easy viewing of natural, amphibian metamorphosis
  • Habitat shell is break-resistant and escape-proof
  • Features two terrain types – shallow water area and land area with "vegetation"
  • Land area includes faux cave for froggy privacy
  • 2-month manufacturer’s warranty

Bring a little bit of nature home and watch the entire life cycle of a frog. Tadpoles will arrive in 2-6 weeks after sending in free order card.*

Link: Frog Pond Terrarium

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Posted by   @   19 March 2007 1 comments
Apr 5, 2007
6:53 pm
#1 yvern99 :

problem is, me and the five others I’ve talked to who tried this, all have had total mortality of the poor little taddies…very depressing for the under emo-age set, ie, giving your kid a pond of death doesn’t make for too many happy memories of this particular item, esp if it’s a gift… i was told they send the wrong sort of food and taddies, but some pet stores will sell you more viable ones…

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