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Personal Scanner – Organizes

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personal Scanner

My DVD-Collection needs a serious scanning. To me – the must have gadget of the month of April 2007!

intelliLuckily, most things have barcodes, and we’ve got a barcode reader. Not only is this teeny little handheld read those barcodes, it can do so without a computer attached to it. Take it to where your stuff is, scan up to 150 barcodes, and return to your computer to download the list. Intelliscanner Mini includes software to manage your wine collection, home inventory, groceries, books, cds, dvds, and even comic books!

Not only does it just maintain your lists, it will keep track of your lending, so if Phil borrowed your copy of Casino Royale, you can be damn sure he’ll give it back. Stupid Phil.

What’s more, the grocery manager not only helps you track the contents of your pantry, but also helps you manage your recipes. So, if some Stuffed Peppers or Chicken Tikka Masala strikes your fancy, the database can tell you up front if you’ve got the ingredients, and will help you make your shopping list for what you’re missing. How freaking cool is that?

Link: Personal mini scanner

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