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Lord of the Fruit Rings

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Ring of the fruits

Loving it.

The fruit is put into the opening at the top and can be taken out at the bottom. At both sides opening are located to show the amount of remaining fruit. Due to it´s perviousness to air and it´s eco-friendliness, porcelain is particularly suitable as a fruitbowl.

Source: Design Boom

[via: Cooking Gadgets]

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Posted by   @   13 April 2007 7 comments
Apr 14, 2007
8:52 am
#1 ploop :

I thought they were toilet seats!

Apr 14, 2007
9:19 am
#2 RGS :

For #1 I can totally see it… lol!

Apr 16, 2007
3:07 pm
#3 Martin :

These are the coolest things ever, and I say that with no hint of rampant superlative or obsession. The design considerations, the usability, the care of the fruit and the sheer aesthetics are just genius. I’d put up money to put these into production!

Apr 16, 2007
9:28 pm
#4 steeve :

Franchement ! Super FUN !!!

May 3, 2007
2:45 am
#5 james :

where can I buy them?

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