Booster Blades

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Would you get into these? No – thank you! But after watching this video:

I changed my mind – it looks like fun.

Link: Transport Trends

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Posted by   @   22 April 2007 6 comments
Apr 24, 2007
6:27 pm
#1 Test Pilot :

Hi I am the test pilot of booster blades. I am a rollerblader usually – although I havn’t skated for years, I was able to adapt to booster blades within a few hours (although I’m not up to trick standard yet) The picture and video that you have is very old Booster Blades have evolved since then! I will gladly send you some newer images and video if you let me know how. Also in reply to the hight question, the booster blades are a little bit (but not much higher) than normal blades. When I have skated on them I havn’t really noticed:)

Aug 7, 2007
10:26 am
#2 Scotty :

I am much too fat and not agile enough to use these skates without killing myself.

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