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Oldschool Navigationsystem

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I’d love to say that you will never get lost with it.

Originally conceived by Sir Isaac Newton in 1700, and developed by navigators as an instrument for determining latitude for navigation during the Age of Sail, this sextant is individually handmade by Tamaya, specialist crafters of precision marine sextants since 1925.

This sextant is precisely calibrated for celestial navigation by a collimator that checks its accuracy at every 15, providing an accuracy of 0’.1 arc minute, 200 yards. It comes with an inspection certificate verifying its accuracy, and also includes adjustment screws for perpendicularity, side, and index error checks, standard for all sextants. Made of a lightweight aluminum alloy with a corrosion-resistant finish, it has a sturdy handle, and a detachable 7x35mm monocular wi th fully-coated lenses that produces a wide-angle non-inverted image reflected by the sextants circular half-horizon mirror, the left side is clear glass so you can see to the horizon, and the right side is a mirror.

Moving the index bar along the bronze arc, reads from -5 to 125, adjusts the rectangular index mirror, which places the sun or a nighttime celestial object on the right hand side of the horizon mirror (a built-in illuminator provides light during night readings). Further refinement is taken by turning the micrometer drum until the horizon aligns with the bottom of the chosen object; providing you with the precise angle of the sun or object from the horizon; consulting sight reduction tables yields a line of position, or lati tude (sight reduction tables not included; a compass and accurate chronometer required for course-setting and longitudinal readings). The sextant includes seven shade glasses, three for the horizon mirror and four for the index mirror, that reduce glare during readings.

Link: The Genuine Nautical Navigation Sextant

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