Balloon Twisting Instructions

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Artists Website: Ralph Dewey

I love that hat … anyway this site teaches you how to make your own balloon creatures:

RGS Note: Minute 2:56 is the best part … I am addicted to it .. keep watching it over and over again. P.S. .. cool dog!

Link: Balloon Twister Tutorials

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May 7, 2007
5:39 pm

glad you like my site.


Apr 20, 2010
3:54 pm
#2 bperhamsky :

I do the Road Runner (6 balloons) and other cartoon characters. Most of then use 14,15,or 16 balloons. The RR takes no time. But the others…well they take about 10 minutes or so.
When instructing, it’s not just twist this bubble and this bubble. If you explain what is being made (show them the finished sculpture first) and explain what each bubble is for, then it becomes easyer to make.
A sword for example is easy to make. It has a handle and a hand guard. If you explain what each part is, it’s more understandable.
Try this sword. Now I’m not going to show you a picture. This sword has a handle(of course…duh) with a pommal. Now most people don’t know what a pummal is. Do you? The hand guard is a triangal.
If you show them the finished sword, then instruct them how to make it,it will be easyer and more clear.
After the balloon is inflated,(you know tie knot and leave tail) at the knot end, make a small tulip twist. This is the pommel. Now instead of making 3 loop twists for the hand guard,(as in a light saber) make 3 bubbles fold and twist, 3 more bubbles fold and twist,and 3 more bubbles fold and twist. What do you think?
I took the three loop twists for the hand guard and made each one into three bubbles each.
First make a dog with 3loop twists. Then make another dog,but this time divide each loop into two parts. Now divide ech leg into two parts. You see, this is a progression.
What about a teddy bear? Show them a real teddy. See how the face makes a triangle? So make the snoot (3 bubbled) the one side if the face,an ear,the top of the head,another ear, and the other side if the face. Make three bubbles for the snoot,and push the first bubble between the head. Then make the ear twists to hold everything together.

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