Star Wars Chubbies

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star wars chubbies

Star Wars Babuschkas and you thought you had all Star Wars merchandise.

There are some seriously weird things in the Star Wars universe: from Princess Leia’s changing accent and that piano-playing blue elephant on Jabba’s sail barge to Mr Bronson off Grange Hill commanding an Imperial Star Destroyer. But nothing could possibly be as weird, or as wonderful, as Star Wars Chubbies. Like Russian nesting dolls.

Star Wars Chubbies These cartoony-looking PVC dolls are set to become the latest must-have collectables for Star Wars fans everywhere. Because as well as depicting several iconic characters, each one of these impossibly cute dolls opens up to reveal two more figures within. A bit like those Russian nesting dolls but without the floral headscarves and rosy cheeks.
There are currently six dolls to collect and most show the evolution of their character, so Darth Vader opens up to reveal Episode III Anakin, who in turn opens up to reveal that annoying twerp from Episode I; Alec Guinness era Obi Wan opens up to reveal the bearded Jedi from Episode III, who in turn contains the fresh faced young apprentice from Episode I, and so on and so forth.

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Jun 2, 2007
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#1 Steve S :

Those are pretty slick.

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