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Darth Vader Costume Surpreme

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animated surpremem costume

Turn yourself into Darth Vader as easy as 1-2-3. See animated gif ;)

Call yourself a Star Wars fan? Then it is your destiny to own a full-on Darth Vader outfit. But why mess about with cheapo versions when you can slip into the amazingly realistic Supreme Edition Darth Vader Costume.

The greatest get-up in the galaxy, this gorgeous costume is, without doubt, the easiest way to transform yourself into the most iconic villain in movie history. Yes, you could go to Mustafar, leap into a pit of boiling lava and pray someone turns up with a few cybernetic prosthetics, but that’s not half as easy as saving your pennies and hitting the Buy button.

Wear it to conventions, fancy dress parties, even the pub (well, why not?). The possibilities are truly, erm, limited. The point is as long as you don’t become more Jabba than Dave Prowse, this beautifully made costume will last a lifetime.

Link: Supreme Darth Vader Costume

Posted by   @   5 July 2007 2 comments
Apr 4, 2008
8:06 pm

That looks really cool, one of the best costumes Ive ever seen. A bit too much on the expensive side though

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