Visa Info: China – Hong Kong – Macau

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How to apply for a visa? Well before I am going into details:

I am very eager to finally start blogging about the fun stuff from our trip but getting the basics out of the way is just a pain. So I thought I should post that pictures of Mike having a good laugh at the Laughing Corner in Victoria Park / Hong Kong to show what kind of piece of cake it to get a Visa for China.

Hong Kong Visa

If you have a EU or US passport you don’t need a visa at all and you can stay 90 days. If you are not sure you can take a look at this list what the visa requirements are for your country. You should check anyways because immigration laws can change quickly. Hong Kong Visa Info.

Macau Visa

Almost the same like traveling to Hong Kong … EU Passport holders can stay 90 days and from US Passport holders can stay 30 Days.Source.

China Visa

Now for China it’s a whole different story. You will most likely need a visa to travel to China at least as far as I know of holding a US or EU Passport.

You can either apply at a China Embassy (mailed in application are not accepted) which will cost $50 for a single entry Visa… more info. This will take 4 days.

What we did though we got our Visa from the China Travel Service in Hong Kong. Since our nearest Cina Embassy is in Dublin and I didn’t feel like wasting 2 days just for applying for a visa. And it’s much cheaper to apply though them if not from the US and you have don’t need their express service.

So went to the Holiday Inn Express China Travel Sevice branch near Causeway Bay MTR Station right after we arrived, which was really close to our Hotel. They have branches all over Hong Kong and Macau take a look at the map to find the branch near you.

In order to apply you need a passport which is at least valid for 6 more month and an empty passport page and they will do the rest. And one passport picture.

It’s pretty simple … read more on fees and requirements on the China Travel Service Site.

Please note that you can’t apply for a China Visa over the weekend if you are a US Passport holder. So make sure you apply for it on a weekday.

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