Soul Brother Handshake

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A how-to for all you squares

From, here’s some extracts from Survival in the City, by Anthony Greenbank, 1974, including this graphic on how to execute the soul-brother handshake (and presumably not get that ass capped by the big bad mofo in the daishiki and the leather piece).

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Sep 16, 2007
3:40 pm
#1 Ryan :

I don’t see anything random about this site. I think the host is confusing the word random with weird or varied. It’s actually quite embarrassing to see a site named ‘random-good-stuff which isn’t in the slightest bit random.

Sep 16, 2007
4:21 pm
#2 RGS :

Ryan .. sorry for ruining you day .. what a horrible blogger I am. Please accept my sorrow.

Sep 16, 2007
7:06 pm

Is this random enough???
An 18-hole golf course uses enough water daily to supply more than 2000 families….

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