Mr. Clock Radio Head

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mr. Clock Radio

For people who really celebrate waking up in the morning.

A great gift for anyone who loves gadgets, the Mr. Clock Radio alarm clock can wake anyone up in over 30 different ways, from a gentle voice to a shouting drill sergeant. It can also tell fortunes, speak the time aloud, react to light or motion, wink and blink, and play music via AM, FM or iPod/MP3.

Link: Mr Clock Radio

Posted by   @   10 October 2007 4 comments
Oct 10, 2007
8:38 pm
#1 Witz :

WOW! That is freakin’ amazing. I like that it doesn’t have legs so I don’t have to fear it killing me in my sleep, but it’s like a little robot buddy who is there with me and understands my plights. It’s prooooobably a little creepy during sex, especially if it starts telling fortunes, but a well timed wink would be tremendous. Very cool.


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