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It’s dark out there – better safe than sorry.

Bicygnals, you may be forgiven for thinking this is about listening to Lisa Minnelli show tunes in an A&F T shirt, but you’d be wrong. They are in fact the cleverest thing to be invented for a bicycle since, oh I don’t know, handlebars? The reason bicycles have handlebars is because, not unsurprisingly, you kind of need your hands to steer (which on the whole has nothing to do with American cattle), and handlebars do a pretty good job of it.

This is all very logical, and seems to have caught on, which is good, but there is a flaw. When you need to turn left or right, you need to let people know, which means lifting one hand off your steering wheel (so to speak) and halving your control. Added to this lack of control is the fact that on a busy road, with those horrid car things zooming about, the only thing to let them know what your doing is one frail arm flapping about, which at 30mph on a rainy night is more or less invisible to an alert car driver, let alone a tired one. Solution, indicators! It’s been tried before, but the Heath Robinson inventions of the past have been rubbish, whereas Bicygnals harness the joy of wireless technology and the coolth (?) of contemporary design.

They clip on and off your bike with ease, and even clip together and have a carry pouch for when you’re not biked up. A simple flick of your thumb gets both the front and rear signals winking away without a single wire between them. Brilliant concept, glorious design, simple, clean, efficient and really rather clever. Keep your hands where you need them and be seen. Oh and of course they’re really rather cool.

Link: Bike Safety Bicygnals

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Dec 19, 2007
12:00 am
#1 Mike :

I had one of these on my bike as a kid in the 1970s. This isnt exactly cutting edge..

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