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You might be wondering why a German cares about US politics and takes sides for one presidential candidate, risking loss of some readers.

I have strong ties to the US (Mike!) I lived there for 3 1/2 years – met tons of people and found great friends. But ever since Mr. B took power, things went backwards in so many ways. I think the US is due for a major change. And Obama will provide that change.

Out of all the candidates I think he really means what he is saying and he does not comes across like a blank robot just repeating what other people tell him. The moment he would be president, the reputation of the US will change overnight. I know a couple of my readers don’t care what other countries think of the US – but since you are not the only country in the world you should listen a little bit. While Mike was in Germany, he was something like a mini ambassador of the US, defending his country and answering the questions of our German friends when, for example, the wars started. And when Bush got re-elected I think it broke his heart and made him doubt his own country.

Oh well – there is hope on the horizon! OBAMA!

What I don’t understand is that a lot of gay people would rather go with Lady Clinton even though she promises less rights for gays than Obama. Is it only because the Human Rights Campaign is for Hillary?! And why is that?

With this post I don’t really want to win you over for Obama but I want you to take the time to take a look at each party and candidate and take a close look what they have to say and stand for. And make yourself heard — talk to friends and family and, most important, go vote.

I met sooooooo many people in the US who don’t care at all what’s going on in their own country and in the moment you started talking about the re-election you could watch how their brains would shut down! But you have a responsibility … the US is a very powerful country and every single citizen has to stand up. And to be a good US citizen it’s just not enough to be patriotic!

So get informed and VOTE!

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Jan 6, 2008
5:01 pm

Most Americans don’t care about the election (at least I think this is why) because we don’t feel like our vote really matters. Right now we are in a war that more than 75% of the country is against, and yet our troops are still dying.

I don’t know much about Obama, but I don’t think him or Hillary has much of a chance.

Jan 6, 2008
8:34 pm
#2 RGS :

I think to save democracy the government should force everyone to vote. I mean what would happen if nobody would vote? Also …. is there really a chance for a republican president?

Jan 6, 2008
9:14 pm

I think there is a chance for a republican president. Mainly because the media is sensationalizing everything and not giving fair and unbiased reporting. We Americans are sick of the BS that the news channels like Fox and CNN are trying to shove down our throats.

I don’t think the government should be able to force us to vote. What I think needs to happen is for people to stop being to lazy and take time to learn about who is going to be the leader of our country.

Jan 6, 2008
9:21 pm
#4 RGS :

Australia forces their citizens to vote and when I look for example how many people are wasting their vote in Germany … it hurts! Every vote does count!

Jan 7, 2008
1:12 am

You also can’t say ho ho ho in Australia.

Jan 7, 2008
4:06 am
#6 Becs :

I think it is important to follow US politics as the US has such an impact on all of us. While we don’t have the opportunity to particate in who calls the shots it is important to understand who that person is how their position may impact the rest of us. For example in Australia we currently have troops in Iraq thanks to our previous PMs support of the Bush administration which in turn increased our threat to terrorism and decreased our human rights through anti-terrorism laws.

So, i agree, go Obama! :)

Jan 7, 2008
7:46 am

Viva Obama!

Jan 7, 2008
8:21 am
#8 RGS :

Ohh .. didn’t expect so many to give their input .. I want more! If there are any Republicans out there please feel free to outline why people should would for their party.

I am watching right now “Daddy, buy me a Kalaschnikow” on Spanish TV! aka the beauty of the United States (coded from a dude from the documentary)

Jun 20, 2008
8:23 pm
#9 WT :

I also wondered whether getting political and endorsing Obama on my site would alienate readers… but in the end I did it because it needs to be said. All Obama supporters with Web sites should speak out. The world can’t afford 4 more years of right wing extremists in the White House.

Obama is probably going to win the election. McCain is a weak candidate and has just a small chance of winning. If it weren’t for the propaganda and smear tactics from FOX News, McCain wouldn’t have any chance at all. Everyone needs to vote.

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