Smoking Salvia Divinorum

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Oh … this is a sign I am getting older … I never even heard about this stuff until just now.

Salvia divinorum can be chewed or smoked to produce experiences ranging from uncontrollable laughter to much more intense and profoundly altered states. Salvia divinorum remains legal in most countries and, within the United States, legal in the majority of states. However, some have called for its prohibition. Most proposed bills have not made it into law, with motions having been voted down in committee, failed, died, or otherwise stalled. Other more recent bills are as yet still at the early proposal stage. There have not been any publicised prosecutions of anti-salvia laws in the few countries and states where it has been made illegal. Source: Wikipedia

Here a documentary:

And here are 11 kids showing off their Salvia highs. Smoke on your own risk.

[via: superdeluxeblog and grow a brain]

Information Improvisation: Tobacco is now smoked with the help of hookahs in lots of towns as per traditional traditions. Now one can easily find hookah bar in big cities and it has become fashion in elite class same as salvia divinorum. These bars are selling flavored tobacco but the youngsters are not aware of the fact that they are harmful for the health same as cigarettes. The smoking health care centers should also look upon this matter and should apply quit smoking prescription on these bars.

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Jan 25, 2008
2:35 pm
#1 brad :

“this is gonna be the best video ever!”

am i that retarded when i’m stoned? i’m so quitting all drugs immediately.

Jan 25, 2008
4:27 pm
#2 dizzy :

You saved the best for last. “This is how a fucking man does this shit…”

“’re gonna start tripping…”

I seriously haven’t laughed that hard in a while.

Jan 25, 2008
4:31 pm
#3 RGS :


I am glad to bring some joy into your life 😉 …

Jan 25, 2008
4:35 pm
#4 RGS :

I just noticed that the video don’t really play … ach .. not sure why. They worked fine yesterday. Any input?

Jan 25, 2008
4:40 pm
#5 mdhatter :

That last video proves one thing.

Drugs are only as good or bad as the people you do them with.

Jan 25, 2008
5:55 pm
#6 agreed :

Agreed – i feel so bad for these poor people who are terrified because they are being filled with the negativity and vindictiveness of their peers.

Jan 25, 2008
6:36 pm
#7 ashley :

Man, my hands were sweating just watching these kids. What kind of freaks videotape themselves high on anything?! That’s like, a nightmare (seeing yourself intoxicated). How long does the high last anyway? Looks tempting, but after watching these videos, I wouldn’t wanna risk looking so retarded in front of my peers!

Jan 25, 2008
7:31 pm
#8 shaman :

Used in the right setting, it can be an awesome tool for self-knowledge. Future users, learn from these videos and be respectful of the power you will be unleashing within yourself.

Jan 25, 2008
7:45 pm
#9 yoyo :


exactly right, salvia is GREAT! but the best experiences of it are in very controlled, comfortable, SAFE settings.
at the right dosage u are in an entirely different place, full-4d interactive hallucinations unlike ketamine or acid. (i don’t know about u, but even on mad acid i always ‘knew’ that the things i was seeing were a product of the drugs i was on, and they tend to change and pulsate in a completely psychedelic rather than ‘real’ way.
salvia (and DMT, which salvia is related to) can put u in a clear, explorable (& testable) reality for 7-10 minutes, after which u slowly come down over another 10 minutes.
i was once a train trundeling around loppypopland, past alive toys waving at me. this wasn’t an idea i had, i could actually ‘see’ this shit, plain as day. especially this one big momma bear (a la goldilocks) in an apron, smiling and waving as i made my way down the tracks.

Jan 25, 2008
9:25 pm
#10 hello dolly :

Remind me to never get high with any of those kids.

Jan 25, 2008
9:46 pm
#11 elliot :

The first time I took salvia, everything in my apartment looked like it was made of legos and in primary colours.

The second time, I was transported to a full-on pow-wow that looked like it had been drawn by Dr. Seuss. I chatted a bit with the natives, then looked down at my arm, and saw that there was a line of syringes sticking out of it. When I came down, I realized that I imagined syringes in my arm because I was sitting next to an open window in the winter.

Honestly, best and most detailed trip I’ve ever had on anything, even though it was only for five minutes.

Jan 27, 2008
5:44 am
#12 Mike G :

If you like this stuff, get it while you can and stock up. The government will see too many people having fun and outlaw this stuff.

Jan 30, 2008
7:50 am
#13 Joel :

Salvia has given me some a lot of awesome times, as well as some scary ones. The worst ones where when I had a combo of bad peer vibes and inexperiences. I got massive “salvia gravity” and time distortion. Combine the the time distortion with salvia’s ability to boost your body temp (sweating) and heart rate, I seriously thought my heart was going to explode.
The best trips are the ones when I’m with only a few close friends, and we do it one at a time so we all have sitters. They usually only last about 5 minutes tops, sometimes as short as 30 seconds, but that’s only in real time, which is really no measure of a salvia trip at all. A second can feel like a lifetime.
I usually use at least a 5x but I like more of a 15x strength. Me and my friends always use a bong and a jet lighter. And yes, it’s true, if you exhale early, you lose soooo much potency. You have to hold it for a min of 30 seconds. Every second after that you feel your mind sinking further and further away from everything that your base of knowledge is grounded on, until you realize that you understand absolutely nothing. And then you laugh, hysterically.
If I’m lucky, my visuals are nothing short of otherworldly. Closed eye hallucinations are nice, very colorful with full figures and patterns, very dreamlike. But the best ones are the ones that peel back my immediate vision, as if everything I can see in front of me was a single 2D picture, and then I see a whole different universe behind it. Sometimes it’s kind of a 4-dimensional thing, sometimes it’s even weirder than that. I remember one time, I smoked a bowl of 20x in my room, and I just happened to be watching the Colbert Report, and the topic happened to switch to drugs just as I was inhaling. I don’t know if the next part was actually in the show(I’m pretty sure it was though) but he turns to the screen and says something to the effect of “I can only imagine how many of you are watching this show ON DRUGS!!!” (Stephen does his wide eye stare) The next part I knew wasn’t real, based on what I know about things that are not entirely fucked up, but Stephen Colbert, smiles, says my name, pulls himself out of the TV(like that girl in the movie The Ring, only much more gracefully) shakes my hand, and then jumps back in the TV and continues his show like nothing ever happened, at which point I was stone cold sober. It lasted a little less than 15 seconds, but was so intensely realistic that I almost had a hard time believing that it hadn’t happened.

So, if you haven’t tried salvia, I highly recommend it, but do it with close, caring friends. It’s pretty awesome.

Jan 31, 2008
5:21 am
#14 overmedium :

There’s an even better way to ingest salvia – VAPORIZE it like in a vapor brothers vaporizer. It is sooo smooth, almost minty fresh.

Salvia has brought me a state where I truly felt out=of-body, floating above the sofa and over a little. I have felt the out-of-body state many times WITHOUT any ethneogens (which truly is the best way to experience that kind of thing), so i have something to compare it to. I also have felt great understanding of my existence while under salvia (10x formula, big hit off the vaporizer), and at that moment of understanding i felt no pressures or limits of time itself (well, at least for the 3 minutes while i was blasted away and then gently floated back to realty).

In other words, I’ve had good experiences on it, but most of my friends who try it for the first time say something like, “WHOA, WTF was THAT!?!?!?”, freak out a bit, then never touch it again.

Hey, you gotta try it to experience it!

Feb 8, 2008
6:05 pm
#15 Mind manifesting :

Just last night I used Salvia. using 20x I had the most intense full out hallucinations one could have. I see real potential for learning with Salvinorin-a, as it is such a powerful Drug. Be certain NOT to confuse the fact that it is powerful with the fact that it is dangerous, many other drugs (with Governement support)cause much more damage than does salvia. The Danger with Salvia is not presented as a psychological danger, although some visions can be distressing, but rather a physical danger, not from its toxicity but from falling and hitting their head, etc. driving on Salvia is foolish and dangerous. But remember, drinking alcohol and driving is foolish as well, many more cases of alcohol related death happen every year than do deaths from Salvanorin-a and yet alcohol is still acceptable.

I believe that if one is to decide to use ANY drug, they should do ample research into it beforehand. when used in a proper environment and for the right reasons drugs can be a powerful learning tool.

Feb 11, 2008
8:40 am
#16 c.t :

When I tried salvia for the first time I opted for the 20x. The 20x gave me a weird feeling that something was going on, I just could’nt figure it out. I had no hallucinations, instead, half my body felt as if I was in a washing machine. I was uncapacle of finishing a sentence, I was on repeat mode. Just one side of my body churrning around in circles. Weird, but no spectacular. Same day, I tried the 40x, and whoa! WTF. I freaked out. I took a puff, and it kicked in before I even blew the smoke out. John Digweed, “Imagine” was playing in the background (for real), the song became the creepiest song ever. I felt like someone hit me in the back of the head with a sledge hammer. My face smacked down on the coffee table (I was sitting with my legs straight forward under the coffee table), I tried to pull myself up but I couldn’t. Evertime I tried to get up the table would start moving like a treadmill so I couldn’t grasp it. I started to feel like I was falling down into some vortex. Then, my face turned into legos and starts to fall off in pieces, I could feel the pain. I could’nt really breath either. Everything gets 3-d and I see myself floating above me, (I looked like a cartoon) and I see me sitting on the floor, and I see my friend on the couch. I get slammed back into my body, and I start morfing into the cofee table, I start suffocating, ecause I was unable to breath or control basic things like swallowing. I tried screaming for help but nothing would come out, It felt like I was fishing out. Finally I got a murmur out, my friend tries to help me, he’s trying to pull me up, but even though I was looking right in the direction were he was, I couldn’t see him, I keep calling his name, he keep saying “I’m right hear, can’t you see me.” I finally saw him and freaked, I started kicking him because I thought he was going to hurt me. I snapped back into reality for a second, then it came on again, my face body started morfing into whatever I touched. I was becoming one with objects. I almost pissed my pants. I was not okay a few minutes later, like I had read about Salvia. I mean, the who trip was a few minutes, but even after it wore of, my body and mind felt a little unstable, like a wet noodle…kinda how you feel sometimes after hard core rollin’ on E. This was def. too intense for me. I will never forget it. I’m sick of typing, but I’ll share the 2 part to the salvia story soon.


Feb 19, 2008
5:11 pm
#17 Kaleb :

Watching these videos pisses me off so much…

Salvia Divinorum is a deeper personal and spiritual experience, turned into an elaborate joke by these ignorant immature children.

These are the brain dead assholes that will get this powerful and fulfilling sacrament banned, just like the miraculous psychiatric medication LSD.

This is a NON-RECREATIONAL drug! For use by experienced, well-informed, and mature people willing and open to it’s full consciousness-revealing potential.

Feb 20, 2008
8:34 am
#18 Chuck Steezy :

Ok Salvia is definitely comparable to Acid and Mushrooms.This shit is fucking gnarly! I dont fuck with it anymore after my first experience smoking that shit. This shit is legal, but weed isnt? if you like trippin on this shit ur a fucking wierdo. IF YOU THINK SALVIA IS LIKE WEED ITS NOT! Fuck our government for allowing young kids to legaly purchase this but in some states, [ARIZONA] its a felony to have a weed seed! Salvia is a gateway into another dimension that we dont belong in. How much is to much to smoke and Can You overdose, yes!you can. FUCK SALVIA!

Mar 16, 2008
9:57 pm
#19 mr woodcock :

Chucky Steezy, I can tell you are an inmature little turd. As stated above, this is NOT a recreational drug for kids to compare to weed. This has been used for a very long time by people who want to expand their horizons – who want to get to know their spiritual side. Kids like you need to leave it alone and go play on your skateboard with your pants pulled down around your crack.

Mar 26, 2008
5:56 am
#20 mrLongoria :

I have tried the salvia. Its like a gun learn how to use it respect it from C.A 80.X

Apr 28, 2008
9:04 pm
#21 will :

I agree with Kaleb, this is not for recreational use. Salvia has a long history of use by the Mazatec indians of Mexico. Just like every sacred plant used by people who have an unbroken (non-boundary) relationship with nature, salvia has a spirit associated with it which the shaman has learned to communicate with to divine causes of illness in the tribe. This path is not for the faint hearted because it usually requires and experience of ego death (that little bugger inside of all of us who likes to call the shots, set up boundaries, judge and basically cause us to be selfish and unloveing. The only thing the ego cares about is its own self preservation, to the exclusion to the other parts of the psyche which must be integrated for the self to be whole.) When the ego begins to slip, a very intense panic can result which the shaman, who is the gadfly between different states of the psyche and our relationship to nature, helps to integrate back to our true nature. The spirit associated with Salvia is known to the Mazatecs as Ska Pastora or the sheppardess. She is the guide who shows the Salvia user aspects of his, or her self and also the persons relationship to life, wether balanced or unbalanced. But she only shows so much. How many people who have used Salvia feel a feminine energy subtly pushing from the side? People who are ignorant of the power of these substances, especially Salvia are actually missing out on learning and healing. Another thing to remember is that traditionally the shamans chewed quids, or clumps of leaves with the patient which would have created a more gradual experience, probably easer to digest that the immediate catapult of smoking 20x salvia A extract. I urge all who wish to experience these sacred plants to research how they are traditionally used and employ the upmost respect when using them. Because without the right intention and attention to set and setting and also ritual (I know that term is a little unsettling for us “modern western” folk but when opening up the unconsciousness one ought not take it lightly) one is bound to get into trouble and risk getting owned by our ego’s fear of letting go. In this modern world plants may be the teachers that we have been waiting for. I like how Terence McKenna called this process the “archaic revival”. Much love to all and keep a strong heart intrepid psychonaughts.

Apr 29, 2008
11:22 am
#22 puttputt :

People waisting their lives. DON’T DO DRUGS FOOLS!

Apr 30, 2008
4:14 am
#23 Mesila :


People have varying ideas about what constitutes value in their lives. I realise you and countless others are likely to react to anything involving psychedelic substances with knee-jerk “just say no” responses. We all get this drummed into our heads from a very young age, and unless the right circumstances lead us to examine why we think this way, chances are that programming sticks around for our whole lives. I remember I used to say much the same thing, until I had my life changed by these miracle substances.

Chances are, you yourself have used coffee, chocolate, or alcohol. Chances are, you’ve had strange dreams while sleeping! These experiences are legal so we think nothing of them. After all, there’s no TV commercials drumming into your head that any of these things are bad for you. But even SLEEP can be bad for a person out of moderation.

When the author of this blog said “keep a strong heart” s/he said exactly what people who are ‘drug-positive’ need to keep in mind. There’s always going to be someone telling them to ‘just say no’. It can be frustrating, but let’s remember that this sort of ignorance can only be faced with love and understanding if it is ever to be conquered.

Though it would be nice if folks like Puttputt could remember we all have authority to do with our lives what we see fit to do with them, so long as we’re not infringing upon others’ rights to do the same. We only have so many days to live and I want to spend mine doing and seeing intense things, not cringing back in fear. I’ve had many experiences with Salvia and it’s certainly not crack. No one’s going to go around robbing people to get high on it. It is its own limitation.

Apr 30, 2008
4:16 am
#24 Mesila :

When I said “the author of this blog” I was referring to another commenter. Apologies.

May 29, 2008
6:30 am
#25 Charlie :

I have never done any drugs before nor do I drink alcohol. But, I really would like to try Salvia. I have done a lot of research on it and I would like to experience its’ powerful effects. Can someone please give me some advice? I planned on smoking it with my two best friends but I would like some input. Thanks

May 29, 2008
8:36 pm
#26 Ordinary Mystic :

Charlie –
1. Approach it in a serious manner.
2. Limit noise and other distractions.
3. Be in a relaxed state of mind.
4. Start with lower extracts (5x or 10x)
5. And … be prepared to have the feeling of certainty that all you’ve known (and loved) was just an illusion.
6. Realize that the feeling in number 5 does go away.

Jul 19, 2008
8:01 am
#27 crissy.gee :

hehe I tried it for my first time last night with my boyfriend, and I was kinda dissapointed cuz his high- he went first while I supervised him (it was his first time too)- we were doing 10X; his high seemed much more intense and bigger than mine, he hallucinated. After he came back to the “real world” , I went ahead and did a bowl. the only thing I felt though- after exhaling it 30 seconds kept in, all I got was just uncontrollable laughter….like I was laughing for no good reason, like a madwoman, but there were no hallucinations or anything else… In a strange way though, it felt soo good to laugh lol,but I really wanted to have an intense one like he did…anyways we got a whole gram of 10X so I can’t wait to try it again!:P

Aug 11, 2008
4:21 pm
#28 Chris :

I tried Saliva back in college and remember it making me black out for a moment… but nothing major. I think it was 5x. Also I remember inhaling lightly and only holding it in for 10 seconds or so.

So fastforward 6 years later and my friend hooks me up with some 20x. I tried it with my wife last night and wow, WTF… I went off into another dimension! This stuff is potent and for REAL.

I think I had a slightly bad trip b/c I tried to fight it… I should have read the online instructions first… lol. But anyway, I inhaled and held it in for about 20 seconds. Within about 5 seconds from exhaling my body began to melt deep into the couch. I lost all touch from reality within about 10 seconds. Then I began to laugh uncontrollably with my wife and remember telling her to “not fight it”. This was b/c deep down I had an anxiety attack and wanted to fight it. I stood up, only to be pulled down by a strong vortex. I had a feeling that higher powers were surrounding us both and they knew the meaning of life while I DID NOT. I felt like I was in a place that I would never escape from… a slight feeling of retardation (permanent).

Overall, it made me feel like there is much more to the meaning of life… and I was close to figuring it out, yet so far. I wish I could explain it all, but much of the trip is a blur.

DO NOT try this unless you are ready to have a complete out of body experience. Do it when you are in a good mood and completely relaxed. I also highly advise having someone sober watch over you while you experiment. I did not do this and wish I had!

As of today I really want to try it again…. but this time I have a huge respect for it and will submit to it’s power. If you try to fight it, you will get cold sweats, anxiety, and an overall bad trip. Mine was somewhere in between…

Aug 16, 2008
9:33 pm
#29 Mark :

Not going to debate whether it should or should not be legal– suffice it to say that with the current US attitude towards drugs in general and the idiots posting their irresponsible antics on Youtube– it will be illegal in no time.

I tried salvia for the first time yesterday. I have not done any type of drugs for 20+ years, but back in the day I did more than my share of LSD, mushrooms– all of that stuff. Salvia is completely unlike any of those hallucinogens. The experience is completely dissociative. Even on the most intense LSD trips I was always aware that I was high and still in this reality, albeit profoundly altered. Salvia is different– when I took it, within seconds I was in a different world– did not think I was high and still “here”– but instead I had entered a different and very real dimension. This is an incredibly powerful drug.

As to “anti-addiction”– from my experience I would agree. As I said it had been 20 years since I took a drug– from my experience yesterday it will be another 20 years before I do so again.

Do not make the mistake I did. Here was my thinking: “it is cheap and legal and I’ve done powerful mind altering drugs before, therefore I will try salvia and probably be disappointed with the minimal, overly hyped effects” I could not have been more wrong.

If you are considering trying salvia–pay attention now–

1) RESEARCH! — explore sites and posts such as these, look for the rational and well thought out comments and take them seriously. I hope this is one of them.

2) Do not do this drug alone– have someone who is sober with you. There are physical effects– I was sitting in a chair and came to face down on my patio floor just in front of a large glass table– I truly could have hurt myself quite badly.

3 )Research some more

4) Quote from Archaic Revival in another posting on a different website “…anyone thinking it’s some kind of legal high or marijuana substitute is going to have one hell of an interesting few minutes and hopefully they don’t wander into traffic…” Absolutely correct.

5) Read points 1-4 again and really pay attention this time.

Be careful folks, this is not your father’s Oldsmobile!

Sep 4, 2008
11:52 pm
#30 Divinorum :

Salvia Divinorum is not a drug! It is an Entheogenic, it is a tool of consciousness exploration and of spiritual exercise. If you want to get a buzz use alcohol or smoke weed. If you are happy living this numb life being told what to buy, being told what to wear, what to eat, how to behave, when to have sex, how big your tits have to be, and the list goes on forever and you simply think it’s all good, it’s how things are and you never stopped to question what are you doing here in this life, then Salvia is not for you. Or maybe not just yet!

How do you explain to a teenager, educated mostly by the TV these days and the cultural standards of the “modern world” which are absolutely alienated to the very core of what being human means what is Salvia Divinorum is all about?
Think about how many people and I shouldn’t focus only on the teenagers but most people in the “modern world” have completely lost their ability to engage themselves with they really are? How many people these days are living their bliss? How many people even know what that means? If you don’t you have some work to do before you even think of trying Salvia.

How do you explain to the MTV generation that what they think is reality is a simulation invented by their consciousness without talking about Quantum Physics, without talking about transcendental traditions, neuroscience, philosophy, shamanism, and basic human spirituality when this generation is so far removed from engaging in any profound intellectual activity and also to their very own mythological nature? In a culture where being intellectualized is to be classified or dismissed as a “nerd” and the cool kids are the ones that simply were better at fitting the “ideal models” imposed on them ever since they were born how could you explain what Salvia Divinorum is all about? We live in a world made of walking wrapping packages. Most people are just the outside, with their gym pumped muscles, their rubber tits, their bleached hair, designer clothes, and tv shows mocked atitudes…..And that’s all there is to them, in so many millions of cases….So again how do you explain consciousness experiments, and why or how Salvia Dininorum is about a spiritual exercise?
My answer will be, if you really want to have the most from it get some info down first
and I will recomend a few DVDS(to make it really easy) that you can watch first:
-What the Bleep do We Know?
-The power of Myth (Joseph Campbell)
-The Heroe’s Journey (Joseph Campbell)
-Sukhavati (Joseph Campbell)

There are many more ways to get to the same ideas and probably a bunch of stuff out there that I don’t even know about it, but I would say that if the first title and the Power of Myth alone don’t sparkle something on you just forget about it. You are not ready yet!
Hey alcohol is a lot of fun, and doesn’t require any intellectual effort!

ps: you might think I am a tree hugger hippie that hates the world and that thinks I am so much better than most people for being “spiritualized”. I am not at all. In fact I am working on awakening myself up and trying to figure it out myself as well. I work in the fashion industry (believe it or not) and the more I do the more I see how this world is fucked up by pure lack of understanding, or I should say pure lack of focus in what really matters in life…and it has nothing to do with what you have, buy, or look like….I am just trying to work my way out!


Sep 29, 2008
2:13 pm
#31 Paul M :

I’ve only ever done salvia 4 or 5 times but I can surely say it was the most intense hallucinigenic I’ve ever done.I’ve been doing LSD since I was 13 and am now 37 and never experienced a trip like salvia.You really do need to take it a little more serious than some of these ass clowns in these videos. I’ve always tried to approach these kind of drugs for the spiritual view and salvia will definately take you there.I’d probably advise to sit down if its your first time.My first time just blew me away.My friend was standing right in front of me and “his lips moved but I couldn’t hear what he was saying” It only lasted about 5 minutes but seemed like a lifetime.I forget the extract # but it was very high and you do have to hold it as long as you can or it doesn’t work.It felt like everything was ‘clicking’ and it felt like I was sinking into the basement floor.

Sep 30, 2008
7:12 am
#32 joanie :

WOW – I tried 10 x salvia today. I’ve used hallucinogens before many times and this was an unreal experience – I’ve never been so far from reality before. I agree with Paul M – do not take this stuff lightly and definitely sit down when using. In fact, make sure your setting is as calm and serene as possible. I smoked it in a bong and like I said – WOW. I was watching a tv show at the time and suddenly (this is a bit tough to explain) the show came alive and I was part of the show. My reality completely changed and it was truly unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It was a real out of body experience and a true departure from reality. It’s fun and so strange. Just don’t try to do anything else while you’re doing it and enjoy it safely!

Jan 5, 2009
8:36 pm
#33 Allen :

I have done almost every drug under the sun, from psychadellics to narcotics, (In my youth i am much wiser now :)) and i went into the salvia experience like most jackass users; took it lightly and expected to be disappointed. The case couldn’t have been farther from that thought. Not only was i “in another dimension” but i had forgotten that i had smoked it. TALK ABOUT TERRIFYING!!!!. A buddy of mine smoked it with me and all i could hear was his laughing. it sounded like an ominous evil cackle to me. I saw myself and felt like i was attached to everything in the room, couch table etc.. With his laughing, it seemed like it had been a secret my whole life and that i was the only one who was unaware. Then i saw my body open up. Long story short, i felt completely out of control in the situation. So i would listen to the precautions on this page, don’t use for the wrong reasons. Salvia is highly dangerous. either research it, or stick to the weed. I will also say that i had bought a gram of it a year ago. other than what my buddy and i smoked, i still have the rest. It is in a drawer and I’ll probably never smoke it again. This was only 15x.

Jan 19, 2009
9:15 am
#34 mmmski :

salvia is the shit dude.
one of my friends smoked some 10x last night and it was hilarious. she’s super suseptible (i spelt that wrong) to drugs and getting high and shit, dude she was gone for like an hour, although the hallucination only lasted like 5 minutes.
just hilarious. but be sure to do it with friends that aren’t going to take advantage of you or anything

Jan 26, 2009
4:16 am
#35 Love* :

I loveee salvia lol i have had some of the craziest experiences on that shit…the first time i was ever around it i didnt smoke much but it made me laugh at everything…i was just laughing for the rest of the night it was hilarious! its fabulous though, after we get done partying at the frat house with the boys we always go smoke some its good times 😛

Mar 3, 2009
3:18 am
#36 Junior :

Yo first of all………this is some tripy ass drug but lemme tell the world what was my exp….I recorded myself well my boy rec me cuz dis drug makes u lost ur short term memory so I wudnt remember nuttin…I was in a different world rite after I let the smoke outta my system that’s wen the effect of salvia kick in dnt knw why I dnt feel anything while I hold it in but wen I let the smoke out rite away I was remove from reality from my crib into a different world I replay everything I did from morning to traveling to get the dame salvia in da village in manhattan I was trippin out meng lol…came back to reality didn’t even knw I was home I thought I was buying the salvia from the guy but lil to know I done it alreadi and I was home…freakin out big time till I calm myself and was tellin myself I was home…I got mad ass hell wen I was sobering up dnt knw why but w.e… this wit sum1 u trust and b at a mellow place and rec ur self cuz u anit gunna believe nething ur friends tell u….peaCe

Mar 6, 2009
2:27 pm

I’ve smoked salvia a few times and haven’t found it to be an all too pleasant experience. The stuff takes over and I feel like I lose control of my body, I mean I do lose control of my body it’s moved me around the room and had me doing stupid shit. Also I don’t feel like I’ve had any of the great insights that are available with other psychedelics.

Mar 11, 2009
12:45 pm
#38 Maox :

I smoked Salvia all by myself for the first time yesterday when I came home all drunk. I can’t say it was the brightest idea I’ve ever had, but it worked out alright in the end. I don’t even remember the first minute or two of the trip, I was just completely gone. Afterwards I found my pipe lying upside down on my carpet and a large pot on the kitchen floor. I took one big toke sitting on a pillow on the floor, and just seconds afterwards it felt like my brain got eaten by fractals. Then for some inexplicable reason I got up and went into the kitchen and started doing something by the sink. I sat down by the kitchen table and wondered what the fuck was going on, I completely forgot I had smoked. “What the hell? What is happening? Wait a minute, was I doing drugs or something? This feels a lot like drugs. It must have something to do with me smoking that pipe some time ago. Of course!”

It was really, really scary at some points, and I remember wishing that it would go away and wondering how long it would last, I think mainly because I was so unprepared for the intensity of this thing. Oddly enough, at the same time I was really enjoying myself. Then I had a strange vision of an elderly man dancing around in his house, it was like I could see him in a thought-bubble of some kind, and I started dancing too, telling myself “fuck, I dance, they’ve danced like me before, they know, I do what they’ve done, long tradition”. Really weird. I’ve done a lot of hallucinogens in my days, but man, is this stuff serious or what? I always prefer doing drugs all by myself, but having someone watching over you is probably the way to go next time. Very, very intense stuff.

Just wanted to tell someone. :)

Apr 25, 2009
8:07 am
#39 Lonb4 :

salvia will take you to a place well known by me. This place is called l-o-n-b-4 this name was rememberd during my first trip which scared the shit out of me. My body merging with everything and the feeling that my world was ending ego death. Pcp has taken me to l-o-n-b-4 before salvia is serious no joke feel like ezekiel trippin in the bible words can try to describe salvia trips but fall short.

May 15, 2009
7:09 am
#40 Keith :

My guess would be, based on the comments that I’ve read, that the subconscious mind takes presidence. The mind that provides us with our sleeping dreams is awakened into our consciousness, only that it predominates, so that our daily conscious life and personal history take on the flavor of an illusorary dream. Everything is stood on it’s head. Or so it would appear. In actual fact, our subconscious mind does guide our daily activities, despite our lack of conscious awareness of the fact. This is why some people feel a close, almost telepathic connection with others, even with strangers in their communities; because as a culture, we share certain basic assumptions which we ordinarily take for granted. Many of these assumptions are stored in our subconscious. We do not even think of them and they are as automatic as breathing, blinking and our heart beating. They are automatic and unconscious assumptions about our environment. And as we all have a subconscious self, as we become self-conscious of that subconscious we quite literally lose ourselves, in the ego sense. I hope that I’ve made myself clearly understood. By the way, it might be a good thing if someone were to someone erase, remove or outlaw youtube videos of assjack hijinx on salvia dividorum. Other than that, I have to say that I enjoy reading the posts by rational, reasonable and responsible psychonauts.

Jun 12, 2009
1:01 am
#41 Thought :

It’s amazing how much salvia can open your mind to different perspectives that are possible, almost how some ‘insane’ people would view things. Completely agree with Divinorum, It think I missed thinking more ignorantly about the world as sometimes I can be very scared by my own mind and somtimes now, when i smoke weed, I feel like the autism I managed to suppress after my father, who was addicted to pot, became crazy and kinda abused me physically and mentally. However, I like to think I’m a nicer person now who wants to the best for everything, but I’m not sure if that’s out of fear itself or the fear of hurting other people or being connected with the negativity that I know can be SO negative. I believe that Heaven and Hell are forms of conscience.

I do believe I’ve got smarter because analyse things more than I used to, but sometimes I found things that I found as just ‘normal’ weird now. I also agree with MOAX, when I was extremely stoned and on salvia I had the weirdest thoughts ever and had a panic attack basically, although before (first time I did it) I was fine with the fact that the picture that is the view from my eyes started forming into pieces and spreading apart, I just tried to put them back whilst finding it quite humourous, I felt like my legs were split in two, all the while not being able to say what was happening until afterwards, to which my cousin reminded me ‘that doesn’t make sense’. I have done salvia once since then, which was nearly identical to the first trip.

I’m not sure if I would do it again, as when I’m stoned the thought of it can really scare me, and remind of my bad trip (I did it recklessly and just to ‘get fucked’. It is extremely powerful and, knowing that I have not even entered ‘another dimension’ scares me because I believe salvia can do this and I don’t know if my brain could handle it. Could be the weed making me over-worried/paranoid about it.

And to end this pretty pointless comment, MDMA is amazing and gave me some of the best experiences of my existance =]

Jun 12, 2009
1:04 am
#42 Thought :

* The autism I suppressed can be exposed to myself when stoned

Sorry about how badly that was written, I’m extremely stoned at the moment! =[ [=

Jun 25, 2009
7:38 am
#43 Steve :

Insightful. I was looking for legal alternatives to pot to look for in headshops. I came across this and Wormwood. It sounds way too intense for my liking. As many of you stated, it clearly isn’t a recreational drug. I’ve done a ton of acid and shrooms back in the day and stopped with the over the top drugs once I began to have more responsibilties in my life. I truly think many are much more suited for the young, although I wouldn’t want to suggest that, just that when you’re young and live @ home you tend to have less responsibilities and stress, making for less chance of a bad trip. Anyway, this was a very educational read. Ty. Looks like I will have to stick with herb, wich I love, just don’t have as easy access as I used to. I guess I need to make a Drs appt and convince them to give me a perscrip ^^ Peace out.
Ps, the best trips where out in nature like a park with a ravine and lots of room to explore. And of course Pink Floyd or any laser show 😉

Jul 17, 2009
1:11 am
#44 BEX :

these kids are ridiculous…drugs do help expand your matter how stupid that sounds..uppers were aamaazing for a while but they change your perceptions too early when you are young so to the downers i am :) but mescaline, salvia and peyote should be respected and used in the right way not to impress(or embarass yourself it would seem) to your peers, im glad i never had friends like that, stupid idiots! do it somewhere not too bright, warm and calming with some of your fave music!and a good friend or two :)

Aug 5, 2009
5:58 pm
#45 sue banks :

you are a bunch of idiots and dumb asses

Nov 3, 2009
4:41 am

The two kinds of afterglow effects are immediate and persisting. The immediate afterglow is owing to the effects of Salvia Divinorum constituent Salvinorin A. Immediate afterglow can be described as a sense of peaceful euphoria. On the other hand, persisting afterglow effects includes mood elevation, overall sense of well being and refreshed outlook towards things in life.

Jan 2, 2010
12:32 pm
#47 Matt :

I have tried smoking salvia three times now, and I guess I am one of the ones it does not agree with. I have experience with other psychotropics from mushrooms to lsd and have never really had a bad trip on anything aside from salvia. My first experience with smoking the 10x, I was suddenly in a peaceful meadow under a tree, in the presence of some cartoon character animal people. A hippo and a reptile guy. All was good and after our little visit I was ready to leave but they did not want me to go and suddenly grew dark with teeth and claws attemtping to restrain me. I had the flight instinct and was struggling to get away and return to this world. As i came out of the trip, I was 1/2 a block away from my house, mid stride of a full run and hearing my “sitter” calling me back. Other trips had similar results so I will stick to a cold beer when I want a little mind change.

Feb 7, 2010
3:53 am
#48 BillyBong :

50mg weighed out of X35 in a bong. I’ve smoked weed for years so I packed the bowl and took the whole thing in one rip. I easily held in the hit for 30 seconds and exhaled. I had a sitter. I put the bong down and felt and overwhelming vibration/ electrical sensation as my brain was rendered in half. I rolled around on the bed and then I felt this force I was fighting against I had to break free. My sitter told me I jumped from the bed and bolted for the door. He physically tried to hold me but I tossed him aside and he tackled me in the kitchen. I then peacefully walked back to the room dripping in sweat. I was somewhat lucid and kept thinking what the fuck just happened. I laid back and laughed for a good ten minutes. I felt thick in the head, but then again I had 8 shots of whiskey maybe an hour earlier. Today was great I felt wonderful and at peace. I will try this again on a lower dosage, but I have tried every research chemical as well as shrooms LSD etc, and nothing prepared me for what was somewhat of a terrifying experience. Use caution folks this isn’t a “fun” drug. I’m excited to explore more about it

Mar 2, 2010
4:53 am
#49 Ellen :

This is the biggest problem to have come along in a very long time. Our youth is already screwed up and f-ed in the head. Salvia is known to be a depressant and can trigger psychosis and schizophrenia. REALLY good idea! The dumbing down is almost complete. I am familiar with weed, shrooms and several other drugs – and am not a prude. But as a parent, I am SHOCKED at what people will do for a high – what risks they will take – when the consequences can be permanent.

If there is a petition to delegalize this drug I will have every person I know x 100 sign it! You fools that think it is so great… YOU will be responsible for the next child who becomes schizophrenic for life. YOU will be responsible for the suicides (a known risk)! YOU will be responsible for promoting something like this that can harm people. Shame on you!!!! Get your heads out of your asses and care about something or someone other than your own idiotic selves.

Mar 6, 2010
10:13 am
#50 RGS :


first of all – I don’t know where you live and when you lost your trust in our youth. Youth haven’t changed, ever .. only that people forget what being a teenager means, which is natural!

Not sure why you consider smoking Salvia Divinorum – to me seeing these video has the opposite effect. Kind of looks scary. Rather see these videos as being educational.

And of top of all .. ELLEN, where is all that hate coming from? Wanna talk?

Jul 5, 2010
9:52 am
#51 Chizzle :

Salvia is a trip and I’ve never tripped so hard in ma life. I swear I had an anxiety attack, idk, I remember hittin’ it in front of like 10 ppl (only I hit it) out of a “nice ass bong” ;-D

Tho the 1st 2 or 3 experiences were “fun”, my last trip fuckin’ sucked! I was sweatin’, felt like everyone was gravitatin’ and were popsicles lol wtf. And I was hella on edge after, I mean like annoyed at everything. All I have to say is “Salvia’s a hell of a trip, real talk”

But ay! If ya wanna get high…den nigga HIT DAT SHIT!

Jul 14, 2010
2:18 am
#52 Scruggs :

so i personally have had some of the BEST salvia trips ever!

First time i did it it was 20x i was with my friend and i took a fat hit and held it in then he took a hit i let my hit out and my friend started to shake and shit and i was laughin my ass off then all of a sudden i got up and he was still shakin and i punched hit straight in the stomach. He stopped looked and me and said “Thank you so much! your bed was eating me!” hahahah it was amazing

Then later that day we decided to do it again we were sitting in chairs in my living room. my friend took the first hit this time held it in and then i took the next hit after i blew mine out i got up and started runnin round jumpin over shit then my friend got up slammed open the screen door and picked me up by my shirt somehow and threw me into the grass! I was rollin around and looked up and saw the grass growing way past my body i felt like i was an ant and i was rolling there for litterally 10 mins and my frined was standing there laughing his ass off!

So today i went and bought some 60x. i went into a forest where all the stonners go with 3 of my friends. i loaded a fat bow of it and took a hit held it in and then took another hit. When i let the smoke out it came out of my mouth and it looked like a dragon. then i just sat there and couldnt move at all it felt like my body was glued togeather and to the log i was sitting on. then i got up and looked around and everyone i was with looked like disney cartoons so i started to laugh uncontrollably. Meanwhile 2 of my frineds had taken a hit and one stood up and was like “I dont feel it” as he fell over hahah i told him to sit down and he started grabbin the airt like he was catching something. then all of a sudden i looked down and saw my hookah we were smoking it had a mouth and was talking to me and i was about to pick it up and throw it into the forest and my friend saw the same exact thing hellla weird So we decide to go and im still kinda fucked up and there was a ledge to the parking lot and i looked down and saw the grass and it looked hella close so without even saying anything i jumped 25 feet down and was screaming hella weird and i landed in front of a car with ppl in it and everyone was just like what the fuck just happened and laughed like no other

Salvia is an amazing drug please trip wisely

Aug 1, 2010
7:46 pm
#53 Benjamin :

i tried it for the first time by myself cause i was skeptical as to its potency since i have plenty of experience with shrooms and such. It was 30x and i only took one small hit since i was alone, just as a precaution even tho i didnt expect what followed. Nothing happened….or so i thought. I didnt realize i was trippin til it started to wear off and i was caught in the middle of a conversation with the characters from Family Guy. They were trying to get me to go with them somewhere and i was physically being pushed off the couch. I got scared, closed my eyes and waited for it to pass. A few min later everything was like it was before and i just sat back in disbelief…..unbelievable…i wont do it alone again

Aug 21, 2010
8:26 pm
#54 Seth :

I’ve smoked 20x salvia before. I didn’t get the intense high that some people get. Reality was still pretty much reality. The major difference was I had no control over my laughter…. I couldn’t stop laughing. I played a little cod and the flashbang fucked my world too… those are the 2 only noticeable effects I had after smoking. (I had also just smoked 4 joints)

Aug 31, 2010
7:32 am
#55 Karl :

I tried Salvia for the first time about 2 weeks ago.A friend of mine had it. 60x. We were with a few friends having a few beers and watching some tv. He had done it once and he tried to explain how I was going to feel. We watched a couple of the youtube videos of people doing it. I figured, what the hell, I’ll give it a try.
I sat on the couch, took one long hit out of a bowl and held it as long as I could. As soon as I let the hit out, probably about 20 to 30 seconds, the trip kicked in. I remember trying to talk but not being able to hold a thought or finish a sentence.I felt like the whole room was coming at me in flashes from my left and right. Everything I looked at looked like a stack of poker chips tipping over to the left. It really felt like I was dreaming. I stood up and tried to walk and felt as if I was in a whilrpool which was trying to spin me around. I ended up sitting back down in a reclined chair. Looking up,the people in the room all looked like some pig faced alien creatures. I thought that we were in some different time or dimension and that I was some kind of lower life form. Like I was a pet and they were my masters. Then I remember thinking that I was some sort of seedling coming up from the ground and that I might eventually develop into whatever life form that they were. Even when it started to wear off I still had trouble grasping where I was and what had happened. I guess it lasted about a total of 15 to 20 minutes but when my head finally fully cleared, it seemed like I was gone somewhere for a much longer time.

This stuff is no joke.I’ve done acid, mushrooms, weed, coke, heroin,pills, booze…nothing compares. I can totally understand people using it responsibly for deep meditation or out of body stuff or connecting with the “spirit world” so to speak…but its definately no dipshit teenage party drug!
I have some 60x left and I am looking foward to doing it again but under different circumstances.Not in a room full of beer drinking buddies with the tv blasting and everyone talking, etc.

Dec 14, 2010
7:09 am
#56 mandapanda :

wtf everyone on here is weak as fuck i did 80x my first time and then 120x after that. grow some balls

Feb 10, 2011
1:55 pm
#57 Jbatard :

I tried Salvia last night. We used a 20x extract mixed with leaves to help the extract burn.

I’ve never tried hallucinogens before except for mushrooms in Amsterdam which didn’t do much for me. I did salvia with a few friends, in a small appartment, dim lighting and relaxing music. I hit the bowl hard and held it in as long as I could, not feeling much for the first 20 seconds. After 40, when I tried to exhale, it’s as if my head was independent from my body and was staying higher than the rest. Suddenly I felt as if my vision was high over my body, watching the room from the ceiling, and I started laughing incredibly hard, as my shoulders felt like they were being pulled up, and swayed from side to side. The trip lasted for 5 minutes approximately, and when I came down I felt like I was being gently dropped into my chair. I felt GREAT, really euphoric and uplifted. I don’t know if I had an out-of-body experience, but I loved every second of it. Afterwards we had a few drinks and laughed about it. I now feel like I want to try salvia again, but only in a few months and in a very particular atmosphere. If I had tried it alone, I probably would have had a horrible experience. I definitely recommend the harmless trip to someone who wants to experience something new, but only in a safe place. One detail: it makes your clothes feel wet and scratchy.

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