Cereal 2 Go Bowl

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cereal to go

So healthy and fresh. Talking of cereals, I really HATE certain cereal TV adverts. It’s really disgusting what they are trying to make us believe. It’s not like flakes are the only option in the morning and NO … there are not that healthy! Sick!

Cereal on the Go Bowl Bottom section is freezable to help keep 5.7 oz of milk or yogurt cold for extended periods of time. Transport cereal, fruit, fresh milk or yogurt anywhere without worrying about them going to waste. Stackable, dual chambers separate liquids from solids, keeping cold preserved and freshness sealed in. Features foldable, reusable utensil in the lid.

Link: Cereal 2 Go Bowl

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Posted by RGS   @   4 February 2008 2 comments
Dec 5, 2008
10:55 pm
#1 Pat :

I’ve had the creal to go container for about a year and like it. One thing I’ve discovered however, is that my cereal bowl has a crack in it and apparently milk has seeped into the bottom of the container, so now I have nasty spoiled milk odor. I like the container well enough to order another.

Mar 18, 2009
7:14 pm
#2 Leslie :

Great item. However, the rubber seal at the bottom traps milk and starts to smell. You need to pull of the rubber seal and rinse it.

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