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Bitchcruiser Bike

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This auction is brought to you by Lastminute Auction: One Dollar Cycling Goods

hump lady bike

angel lady weird bike

This dude put many hours into this bike to probably cover up that he is not getting any. It seems now that he finally managed so he put up the bike now on Ebay.

Especially cute is that he likes to dress up his little bike doll. It’s so weird that the biggest macho guys like to play dress up with their girlfriends. Probably because their parents would not let them play with barbies. But that’s just my theory

Link to Auction: Bitchcruiser Bike

Music Link: Toilet Tune


Posted by   @   11 March 2008 10 comments
Mar 25, 2008
7:26 pm
#1 grobekelle :

Those bikes rock.

Nov 25, 2008
11:35 pm
#2 brian :

I can get behind that

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