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Ha Ha, every hardcore iPhone user would cut of all ten fingers before using a stylus with their iPhone.

pogo_iphone_stylus_embedIn case you haven’t noticed the iPhone’s glassy touch sensitive screen is only sensitive to your stubby little fingers. This is because it uses a technology called capacitive touch which measures the flow of electrons through your skin. Problem is, last time we checked our fingers were pretty rounded and not too precise at picking out tiny URLs in Safari. Luckily the geniuses behind the Pogo iPhone Stylus have magically solved this problem by making a stylus that somehow tricks the iPhone into thinking it’s really a finger. What’s more, the tip of the stylus is a soft felt like material that has the added benefit of keeping your screen clean while you tap away. How do they do it? Frankly we’re not sure, but hopefully it doesn’t involve grave-robbing.

Product Features

  • Specially designed stylus works with iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Enables precision selection of on-screen items
  • Included clip keeps the Pogo Stylus handy
  • Soft tip material keeps your screen clean while you tap
  • Link: Fake iPhone Finger

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