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Dirty Bitch Link Friday

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French Bulldog Bath-1

Aww – Chucky get’s a bath pretty frequently because of her allergies! Poor thing! Doesn’t she look like she wants to kill me? Not as frequently are my link Fridays – sorry that I skipped it last week but with the job in Barcelona it was all a little much.

The new RGS look seems to be very effective since the numbers of subscribers keep growing. Hello new readers ;) !

RGS readers and fellow bloggers – I heart you every single week a little more and now my link love:

Do you want to be on that list? Just snatch some content and link back to RGS, or link to Criticker, MrDealio or Lastminute Auction in a post… it’s that easy. To get my attention you can email me. If I would be you …. I’d try to be one of the first ones to link to RGS .. this might get you a spot on top of the list.

Gadget Link: Cheap Ass iPods

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