Have a secret iPod Dance Party

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Pretty pricey I think and not very cool looking- but still a good idea and might find it’s niche of music/ipod freaks/fans.

When two or more people have these little accessories jacked into their iPod, all can listen to the same music from the same source at the same time through their own headphones. It’s like everyone’s listening to the same stereo – but privately!

Each i2iâ„¢ Stream is both a wireless broadcaster and a receiver; they’re a fun new way to "share music privately" within a 30-foot range with an unlimited number of i2i Stream users. Just plug your i2i Stream into the headphone jack on your player, then jack your headphones into the i2i Stream.

Choose from seven color-coded broadcast channels to sync up with others; press "send" to start sharing CD-quality sounds. The i2i Stream works with iPod and most other MP3, CD and DVD players. What’s more, they are an easy way to stream audio from your TV, laptop, PC or gaming console to satellite speakers or your own headphones.

Link: Have a secret iPod Dance Party Gadget

More Stream: Sansa Take TV

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