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French Bulldog Link Friday

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French Bulldog in Sun-1

French Bulldog Sofa-2

French Bulldog Sofa-1

I know that you just can’t get enough of our Bully Lady "Chucky".

You probably remember that I bought a Digital SLR Camera from Sigma not too long ago and I am so hooked right now. I still have problems with color correction and it freaks me out that after fiddling around for a long time I still don’t get the colors spot on. ARG!

The first picture of Chucky says it all .. it’s getting hot out here. Poor thing! I hope she is not going to suffer too much during summer. We have to get her a little baby doggy pool.

Also, I have counted! Within the next 2 month we have 6 sets of different guests visiting. GULP! But I try to be strict and get my work done. It’s going to be hard though.

I haven’t asked for a while – but anyone who would like to guest blog once in a while on RGS can just do so. In return I will let you link back to your site as a credit at the end of each post. Interested? Just send me an email.

Now … some great new sites linking in:

Do you want to be on that list? Just snatch some content and link back to RGS, or link to Criticker, MrDealio or Lastminute Auction in a post… it’s that easy. To get my attention you can email me. If I would be you …. I’d try to be one of the first ones to link to RGS .. this might get you a spot on top of the list.

Kitchen Link: Modern Banana Hanger

Kitchen Link:

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