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Pantyhose for Men

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Apparently pantyhose house for men are going constantly in and out of fashion. Not like lingerie for men, they are always in fashion!!!

My guess as for right now – it’s out.

But thinking about it for a quick second, pantyhose for men could help pick up women. Why? Well, how can you be a potential sexual thread by wearing these? Women will just think you are nice guy to talk to and have a drinks and after a month or so – you take those panties off and seduce her by surprise.


Nervous to wear some pantyhose? No need to because thank god for the Pantyhose Wearer’s Survival Guide.

Here some men wearing pantyhose:

men put on pantyhose

Sexy guy in tights

men pantyhose tights

Some great tips:

If you meet people you know, don’t try to avoid them: greet them, talk to them, as you would do in other situations. (Well, the situation is in fact the same!)

Act and behave as usual: this way you are communicating to others that you are in fact a usual guy.

Only a very few people will notice that you are wearing pantyhose. You should communicate with your clothes and behaviour that you are not there to show off yourself in pantyhose, but rather to do your regular business – shopping, walking etc. You may also wear support pantyhose at the beginning for more "legitimacy".

Link: Pantyhose for Men

[via: geraden]

If you are going to get Pantyhose for your man you might as well go all the way and pick out some sexy costumes and have him dress in drag for a weird night out on the town. That might be a little bit too crazy for most guys, but there are sure to be some adventurous men out there who would at least wear some pantyhose and some great Renaissance costumes for the next costume party you happen to attend. Pantyhose are great as a part of costumes, but a little weird for everyday wear..

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Posted by RGS   @   25 July 2008 51 comments
Aug 3, 2008
6:04 pm
#1 Kim :

Wearing support pantyhose is great for leg health, improving circulation, and reduction of leg pain, swelling,and discomfort. There is nothing gay about wearing pantyhose; and it is time that men should be able to wear clothing that will make them more comfortable and healthy without having people think they are strange or labeling them as gay.

My doctor advised me to wear support pantyhose to address CVI, poor circulation in the legs, extreme blood pooling in the lower legs, and swelling and pain of my legs and feet. What a difference and improvement.

And yes because of the heat, I wear them with shorts all the time. Nobody seems to notice or care. But even if they did, it wouldn’t matter because wearing support pantyhose really improves my leg health and reduces my leg and feet swelling and pain.

There are a lot of men secretly wearing support pantyhose under their jeans and trousers as if they are ashamed of what they aer doing, even though wearing them is good for their leg health. No wonder some people will label this as strange.

When more men who are already wearing support pantyhose, begin doing so openly these garmets will be fully accepted as male clothing, and will even be more readily available in the men’s departments. Who knows when they are sold in the men’s department, women just may start wearing them again.

Aug 19, 2008
7:22 pm
#2 Steve asculine. :

I have been secretly wearing pantyhose for years. The benefits of wearing while standing all day at work are excellant. I am begining to wear with shorts and to divulge my secrets to some friends. My guy friends seem to all be ok with it. Most have worn for sexual purposes before. I think women should be more accepting and realize if they bought the right size and fit they would feel better about wearing hose. The mens brands are designed for a man,fit better and its amazing how good they make your legs look.
I cannot understand why some people say it is gay or not masculine to wear. In a survey of my friends most gay guys don’t wear hose, most of the straight guys think its ok and the Bi guys wish their girlfriends would be more accepting so they could wear more. Most gay guys don’t want to be with a guy in hose! In todays day and age why are there still so many narrow minded people? Look at all the girls wearing guy clothes!!!!
I cannot wait for the day when we see guy hose in stores!!!

Aug 31, 2008
7:47 pm
#3 Sam :

There is nothing wrong with this, I have been wearing them for years and my wife does not think that I am any less of a man. I would have to say that in the years to come this will start to take off as a new trend.


Sep 6, 2008
12:14 am
#4 Woodie :

The taboo against men wearing tights (or pantyhose as you call them in the US) is actually the cause of the majority of crossdressing, speaking from experience (yes, myself, but a lot of my friends too). It’s kind of like “I want to wear tights, but men don’t wear tights, so I have to become a woman”. That’s why you will hardly ever find a transvestite wearing trousers or bare legs.

Therefore tights for men are a great idea, breaking down that taboo. Having said that, what’s wrong with “women’s” (they’re not women’s, they’re mine!) tights, apart from possible size issues?

Sep 7, 2008
4:57 pm
#5 Sweet :

Pantyhose Fashion for men is happening and will happen. Women are shunning them and I know the Hosiery Companies are happy to raise their profit line back up, no matter who is purchasing them.

Sep 10, 2008
11:37 pm
#6 Mike :

I been wearing pantyhose since before puberty and yes, I am male. My fiance likes it too and finds me very sexy in them but I do NOT crossdress otherwise. Pantyhose offer many benefits and should not be for women only. However, guys, shave your legs if you want your pantyhose to stay up of look appealing to the ladies.

Sweet, your Vegas parties, how about inviting the men to them in hose too and my fiance and I will go….


Sep 15, 2008
3:05 am
#7 Peirce :

I the people in the U.S.A are mostly narrow minded lambs. i dont think it will ever happen men wearing pantyhose public.I love wearing pantyhose but i will have to over sea to europe to enjoy true pantyhoe freedom.Europe seems to always one step head of the rest of world.

Sep 18, 2008
12:24 pm
#8 Andrew :

1, It is a myth that women are shunning pantyhose.

2, Men wearing pantyhose will never catch on because of the reaction to them by other menand women (maybe) who will discriminate.

3, It depends on the type of pantyhose you choose for a man to wear if they will look good and shaved legs are a must. women look good in all pantyhose (thats my opinion).

4, Pantyhose have good health benefits, but so do long socks.

5, There is nothing wrong with anyone, men or women wearing anything they like, but there will always be someone with an opinion on it whether you like it or not.

6, There is also a time and a place to wear any sort of clothing so wearing them on the right occasion would be wise.

7, Why is it that most men wear them secretly?

Sep 23, 2008
12:53 am
#9 Darrell :

I wear pantyhose every day they feel great I’m a married straight male , there are other women that have seen me in hose and they have no problem with men wearing pantyhose.

Sep 25, 2008
4:03 pm
#10 SheerGeek :

As a man that has worn tights/pantyhose for over thirty years, I have to wonder what all the fuss is about.

I find it amusing that a woman should think it strange when the sexes cross the gender divide, after all women have been muscling in on traditional male territory for years and no-one dares question their motives or sexuality. Live and let live; this is only clothing that we are talking about.

Oct 15, 2008
4:19 pm
#11 Michael :

When will pantyhoses for men be a general accepted fashion item?
Message to all the producers: there is a real lack in the market and a real demand for it.
Please make a lot of publicity and organise a large distribution – also in supermarkets – of these items.
We are waiting for it! Thanks.


Oct 23, 2008
7:46 pm
#12 Eric :

I have been wearing pantyhose and tights for years, no I am not gay, but a very staight guy. I would not be caught in cotton briefs ever again. Why, pantyhose are like spandex, which pulls the moisture away, and are a lot more comfortable than cotton briefs and socks.

Dec 25, 2008
10:35 am
#13 Jay :

I have been, somewhat secretly, wearing for years. I told my wife wich about flipped, I dont know why I do not wear them because i am i am gay I just enjoy wearing them. I wish that society would stop being so stuffy and ancient, get with the newer times. Women have been wearing pants for years it was once that taboo, so I guess it will take awhile. I am willing to wait.

Dec 28, 2008
9:37 am
#14 Ed :

I’ve worn pantyhose numerous times. Hosiery feels better than cotton briefs. Wearing black hosiery under dress clothes look a lot like black dress socks anyway. My legs feel better and I feel like I have more energy. Don’t ever try wearing black hosiery under shorts. You will get noticed in the wrong way. Hosiery always looks and feels better with shaved legs. There’s nothing wrong with guys having sexy legs for women to look at. Women as a whole are too lazy to wear pantyhose any more.

Dec 30, 2008
2:01 am
#15 Allsheer Pantyhose :

I found these comment interesting. I’m a guy. I’ve worn pantyhose my whole life. I used to only wear them in the house until I was 17. I had a girlfriend who bought pantyhose for me and coerced me into wearing them out openly. No one seemed to notice. I started wearing pantyhose out openly all the time. I even met several girls who liked what they saw and complimented me on having nice legs.

I thought the comments about behaving normally wearing pantyhose openly and using pantyhose to pick up women is 2 points right on the mark. I do act normally just like I’m wearing anything else. I have had women compliment me on my legs and ask me about my pantyhose. In most of those cases it led to us getting to know each other better.

Take the suggestions here and give it a shot. It may work for you too.

Jan 3, 2009
6:59 am
#16 Robert :

I have found that in life being honest with yourself is the first and best thing you can do for yourself. I like to wear pantyhose with shorts. I wear my pantyhose on my daily walks and when I go out shopping or running errands. It makes it a lot easier for me to wear pantyhose in public when I accept to myself that it is OK to wear them in public. Go about your business as you would if you were not wearing pantyhose. Be courteous , polite, and considerate to everyone you meet even if they don’t accept you for wearing pantyhose. Wear your pantyhose with style and grace. Don’t be tacky and make it part of you. I had a wonderful experience with a salesclerk in accessories who helped to ring my purchase of two pairs of pantyhose. She noticed my pantyhose that I was wearing and waved politely to me. When I was ready to check out she answered a couple of questions I had about the pantyhose I was purchasing. She offered some excellent advice and very cordially wrung up my purchases. It was a pleasant shopping experience. I did not hide or run from the fact I was wearing pantyhose. Be true to who you are, and if that means you like to wear pantyhose then by all means do so when its your time and do it in a means with appropriate conduct and respect. When you do wear pantyhose then you will begin to set the example, that will make it easier and more acceptable for the next guy to wear them in public.

Jan 12, 2009
8:50 pm
#17 Richard :

I started out like most other guys, only wearing tight/pantyhose under pants, or under shorts when I was alone in the house or driving long distances. Not anymore. I wear them under shorts in public in the spring and fall when temperature is right.

The best way to enjoy tights and pantyhose is actually when doing workout. I wear them when doing jogging or workout at the gym. I don’t wear ordinary pantyhose, I buy dance or skating tights, they are more stretchy and opaque-so I don’t have to shave my legs. I always pull on the tights and then put on a dance tank leotard, then put on a running shorts-those with side split opening. Running shorts are very short so my entire thighs are exposed. I have a lean and muscular body and I’m proud to show it off. I get people’s attention at the gym and I enjoy it. I chat with people all the time. Sometimes people will ask if the tights are comfortable and I always say, oh yeah. I alternate between tan, off-white and black tights, and tan tights are less noticeable, because when I wear black or off-white tights I get a lot more attention and looks.

The other good time is wearing them during flights. It helps with blood circulation and alleviate leg muscles from discomfort. I fly once a month and I always wear tights under shorts on those trips.

I also wear them on activities such as hiking, BBQing, etc. My 3 year old son pays more attention to my tights than other adults, as he would come and stroke my legs often. Other than that I don’t wear them all the time. If I wear them too often as a regular garment, it actually gets uncomfortable, as it causes itchiness and skin flakes.

Jan 19, 2009
5:40 pm
#18 Phil :

How in the world does one find the right size for men to wear them.Womens legs are shaped differently then men.I have been thinking of buying a pair just to see what they feel like.I have had my legs lasered and want to try wearing the pantyhose.How does a man know what size to buy

Feb 13, 2009
9:26 pm
#19 rik of southern California :

I also wear tights and leggings. Pantyhose with shorts or tights with shorts is ok. I have worn a few times to the gym. When I worn them I only been asked about it by a few young women but no bad comments. The women were curious but I told them I worn them for warmth to prevent cramps. Next gym session she worn black leggings. She looked great! She and I worked out in Step class for several more weeks. I worked put next to her and also in front and behind her. I wanted to see her and she wanted to see me workout ( in our gear).

Feb 26, 2009
9:20 pm
#20 Eric :

I have been wearing pantyhose and tights for over 30 years. They are so much more comfortable than can be imagined. I have on and off over the years worn them under shorts and pants, and most recently, to the gym. I would like to walk into any department store to buy pantyhose in the men,s section rather than going in the ladys section, but until Americans get out of the narrow minded closet, that may not be possible.

Mar 14, 2009
9:20 pm
#21 Randy :

I have worn daily for many years, I must say it has been the best thing for me. I am no longer worn out at the end of the day, RLS almost non-existent now also. I say wear what you want and encourage others to as well. I have never had any negative comments when wearing in public, a few stares here and there but oh well. I have found women do like the look, and are very supportive of guys wearing. My wife supports me and we both wear daily. Society will come around to this idea of men wearing hosiery eventually, and this will come to be the norm for us someday soon.

Apr 1, 2009
6:19 am
#22 matheus :

I love my pantyhose, i love the way they feel on my body and legs. i only worn them under pants and not shorts, but when i am alone in the house i only put on pantyhose and thats all, noting else, then i walk around in the house or outside in my garden.i also like to sleep in pantyhose. i dont know how many people in SA wear pantyhose, but i am one of them.

Apr 6, 2009
7:55 am
#23 minxmami :

The thought of men wearing pantyhose is sexy! So sexy that I just started offering my well worn pantyhose to others on ebay. I think more men should start doing it….it’s HOT HOT HOT! Take a look at my auctions under: minxmami. You won’t be disappointed!

Apr 25, 2009
4:38 am
#24 Lexie :

Pantyhose for men is not a new idea. There is a company that makes panty hose meant to be worn by men. They are sized for men, modeled by men and designed for men and the package area. These are not women’s lingerie. Mantyhose is one of the brands and Collanto’s is the other. I am reasonably certain that there are others as well. Check them out as they come in hot designs, tights as well.

I love the feel of pantyhose on my legs, so why shouldn’t men? While 18 year old girls may not be accepting of men in pantyhose, the older a woman gets the more worldly she becomes and I for one believe- whatever floats your boat. I agree though, you gotta shave those pins as hairy legs don’t look great in phose.

Apr 25, 2009
3:12 pm
#25 All Sheer Guy :

I’ve worn pantyhose for years. Virtually my entire life. My mother and grandmother caught me wearing pantyhose in my room when I was 8. By then I had been spending a lot of time in my room secretly wearing pantyhose. I thought I was in big trouble, but they were very supportive. I was allowed to wear pantyhose openly in the house and they even gave me pantyhose to wear.

In high school I had a girlfriend who thought my legs would look good in pantyhose. She bought me some and had me try them on. I never told her I had been wearing pantyhose for years and most likely had more pairs then she did. Shed didn’t like the hair crushed underneath. We removed the hair. Then she liked the look a lot. That same night she coerced me into wearing the pantyhose out openly in public with shorts.

I was real nervous about it, thinking I would get noticed and ridiculed and it would be very embarassing. No one seemed to notice, so I relaxed and enjoyed the experience. Needless to say, wearing pantyhose out openly with shorts became a regular going out attire for me when I was with her.

After high school when we went separate ways, I wanted another girl who would like my legs in pantyhose. I shortened my shorts and put myself in highly visible situations. Still, it was hard to get noticed. It took a while but it happened eventually. It was more stressul than I had anticipated getting asked if I was wearing pantyhose. I panicked and walked away quickly. After a few days to contemplate what had happeded, I regrouped and swore that next time it happened, I would handle it differently and better.

The next time I got noticed, it was just as stressful, but I did handle it better and got good results. I was fortuante in that I managed to meet several girls that liked my pantyhose legs and asked me about it. This includes the girl who eventually became my wife.

Yes you can wear pantyhose out openly and possibly attract females who might find it interesting and attractive. Don’t think though that you can slip on some pantyhose, go walk outside and girls will fall all over you. Most people don’t seem to notice. I also think it’s possible that some might notice but simply don’t respond or react.

Nevertheless, I would suggest that if you love pantyhose and would like to find a partner who would enjoy sharing your pantyhose love, slip on a pair of pantyhose under shorts, go out and see what happens. You may get lucky too.

May 8, 2009
11:20 am
#26 Mike :

I am happy to know there are many other straight & normal guys that like to wear pantyhose. Being Asian, it is still difficult to do so in public. Generally, women will give you a bad look and men will stop & call you a pervert.

My experience wearing hose in public (my office) was a bad one. The ladies in the dept just smiled & gigled among themselves when they saw my hose underneath my pants but my boss exploded. He yelled at me in front of all people & then shut me out. Since then, I only wear hose with long pants and high boots to hide my calves.

For me, I will always wear pantyhose because it keeps my legs warm and comfortable. The only downside is that the crotch area is not designed for men. It becomes uncomfortable around my groin when it sags after a long day at work. Any tips to reduce this problem?

I’ve tried cutting out the crotch area but it only spoils my pantyhose.

May 16, 2009
4:57 am
#27 Tom :

I am new to this site. It is really great. I agree with a lot of what has been shared, but if nylons are to become a normal clothing item for men, then men have to wear them without feeling awaked. I understand when you first go out in public you will feel a little shy and you may feel you’re being judged or that people are staring. However, nothing could be further from the truth. It is not that way at all. I wear nylons everyday, and most of the time I get compliments.

I really believe if a man is going to war nylons, he needs to shave his legs regularly. I shave my legs everyday. It not only looks and feels better, but if you want to look natural, then shaving your legs is a must. I can’t imagine wearing nylons without my legs shaved. If your legs aren’t shaved people will notice the hair under your nylons more than if they are shaved.

I rarely leaver the house without having nylons on. I have found that the best way to wear nylons is to wear them like you would wear any other article of clothing. You don’t need to draw attention to yourself by dressing a certain way. I wear shorts, nylons and a nice flat or one to two inch heel.

When I go to work I wear them under my pants, but I wear woman’s flats. I do not wear socks. I work in a department store. Some people may notice I have on nylons, but very seldom do I have anyone ask me about them. Most of the women I work with think I look great. I usually wear nudes and suntans and I almost always wear ultra sheer pantyhose. Ultra Sheers are the best for looks, feel and comfort. The negative thing is they tend to run if you are not careful. I also suggest wearing a pair of pantyhose and a flat yarn type RHT stocking. The outer stockings glide on your inner nylons and provide a great massage all day long. They look and feel great. It is very uncommon that I don’t wear stocking over my Pantyhose.

My suggestion to men is to wear them just like socks. Don’t worry about what people think. The more men wear nylons the more they will become normal for m

May 23, 2009
12:26 pm
#28 All Sheer Guy :

There simply is no way I could agree with Tom more. He is spot on.

Jun 5, 2009
3:21 am
#29 Jennifer O, MD :

I am a physician and have been for many years. I am also a woman, not that it should make a difference. The reason I am posting here is because recently I prescribed support pantyhose for a male patient of mine who has mild to moderate circulatory disease of his lower extremites (legs). He was uncomfortable with the idea and started searching the internet concerning this modality. He called me and told me there are mixed feelings on the topic and he found that most that he read stereotyped a man in pantyhose as gay.

Let me set the record straight. You do not have to be gay to wear pantyhose. Be it for medical reasons which this man had, or just the feel of them against your body.

We in the medical profession often prescribe feminizing hormones to men to treat prostate cancer. Does this mean that a man fighting to stay alive is gay because he is taking female hormones? I would say not. The reverse is true for females, when she is given estrogen blockers to battle breast cancer, does it make her a lesbian.

I as a professional feel there is a significant benefit to wearing support hose for varicosities, venous insufficieny or any other condition I think would benefit from it. I am not endorsing fishnet hose or anything like that. Light support is better than not support, and for those who just like the feel of nylon and feel a nice pair of ultrasheers is their cup of tea, so be it.

As for shaving their legs, many of my male patient tell me shaving their legs helps keep the hose from slipping and sagging. I just caution those with diabetes, to prevent infections from nicks and cuts. I can not personally attest to shaving since I do not remember ever having unshaven legs.

Just stop sterotyping men and making them feel it is improper to get proper medical treatment.

I as a physician have been wearing support hose since the mid 1970’s and I believe that by doing so has prevented me from developing leg problems. I am ready to retire and my legs look and feel as good as they did when I was in my 20’s.

Pantyhose is not a item to classify someone as having a fetish or being gay. It is an accepted medical practice that should be recommended more frequently, even to woman who should be wearing them for the same reason but do not because it has become unfashionable.

Jul 27, 2009
4:27 pm
#30 willie :

Pantyhose are my favorite undergarment to wear. I rarely wear men’s underwear due to the years I’ve been wearing hose. Hose do not make a man gay due to someone’s ignorance and understanding. I love wearing pantyhose!.

Sep 16, 2009
10:51 pm
#31 steve :

i have been wearing pantyhose since i was 3 and i am now 38 and my wife just loves the way i look in them and she really loves it when we both are wearing them and most of all we really and i mean we really love to wear pantyhose or tights when we are making love that is the best feeling of all and i just don’t understand why people just can’t see men wearing pantyhose or tights and the thing that i really don’t understand is that women say that it’s not right for men to wear pantyhose ok then why is it ok for women to wear men’s clothing see that’s the thing that makes me so damn mad at allot of people when they see a man in pantyhose they right away say that he must be gay just because he is wearing pantyhose WOW BEEP BEEP back the damn truck up you know most of the time that someone say’s that a person is gay 3 out of 10 they are gay so who in the hell give’s them the right to rip on the men that wear pantyhose or tights out in the open there is allot of times that i love to wear my pantyhose outside and i mean just my pantyhose that’s it and my wife and i just love to sit out in the sun just with a pair of pantyhose on MMMMMMMMMMMMMM very nice i just wish there is is allot more pantyhose party’s for both men and women that wear pantyhose the bad part is that i am in Wisconsin if there are people that are close or from Wisconsin that would love to try to get a pantyhose party get ahold of me at you know i don’t even remember when i would love to share my love for pantyhose but i wish that i started when i was really young but any ways if any one that would love to talk about there love for pantyhose i am here so e-mail me and lets talk

Nov 25, 2009
11:45 pm
#32 mike :

Hi I have NO problems when I wear pantyhose, year round in hot CA, yes even with shorts.If woman dont want to wear them anymore, then the men that enjoy wearing pantyhose should feel free too. If a man shaves his legs there are alot of shades that go with any skin tone. I prefer sheer energy suntan. I also wear 2 pair at once if I need to make medical support pantyhose, I have had 2 total hip replacements, and when I do that the 2 pair really support and also acts as a girdle to pull the stomack in and support the lower back

Dec 8, 2009
2:41 pm
#33 keith :

i have the biggest obsession to pantyhose ever. i can’t remember when i didn’t think about pantyhose or wearing them. my first introduction was when my babysitter put them on me and i,ve loved them ever since. i love to touch, look at and wear them, along with seeing them on other people. i am straight and divorced i only share this with certain people. my first wife wore them everyday for me, i loved it. we wore them together in bed sometimes. an older male friend wore them for me one day and loved them too. what really got me on the “hose kick” again was a sixtyish man had them on in a store yesterday and i noticed them because i looked down and could tell he had them on under his pants and wasn’t tring to hide them. wow how hot! i wanted to ask him about them so bad! i can’t explain this feeling, fetish, or obsession. maybe someone can help me , but anyway i love pantyhose and hope for the day that they are accepted for men to wear publically. i love dark coolers mostly coffee, taupe, or black,but suntan looks good too! they look great and feel great! kw

Jan 1, 2010
1:01 am
#34 R.Gemma :

I started wearing nylons when I was about 12. I guess I liked the soft,silky feeling.I would use my mother’s hosiery. I don’t know if she knew I was using them. I was always intrigued by women wearing them. I was married for 30 yrs. have two children and have never had any thoughts about turning gay.
It makes me feel a lot better, now that I found this site. For so long I felt this guilty feeling.
Like I said before I enjoy the comfortable silky feeling on my body.
And now that I shaved my legs the hose accent my legs well.
I do find that wearing the phose in the cold months helps me to be better insulated to do my walking to lower my
blood pressure. I plan on wearing the hosiery as a daily habit.

Jan 20, 2010
11:06 am
#35 Unisex4ever :

I’m from Sweden and I began wearing pantyhose out in public last year. Sure, it was a bit scary in the beginning to meet the public reactions, but after a while it felt totally natural. Combine pantyhose with some traditional male clothing and try not to completely look like a women, because then you will be associated with a transvestite. Just act normal, walk with confidence and don’t look down or away.

Many people seems to associate gay persons with pantyhose. Where did they get this information from??? Have you ever seen two gay people living together wearing pantyhose at home and out in public? Could not be more wrong and I think this wrong fact holds back many men from wearing pantyhose in public.

Both men and women have legs, so why can’t we share this piece of clothing? Basically it’s just a long stocking with different colors and transparency, that is practical and looks great. Why does women get so upset about it, calls us gay or transvestites, and forbids men to wear “their” pantyhose??? Women already has taken over all traditional male clothing, but no one reacts and they just call it “fashion”.

The Swedish clothing company H&M is introducing a skirt for men in their spring/summer collection 2010. Time to get rid of all old fashion rules and update mens boring wardrobe that just contains trousers.

Just get out there wearing whatever you feel for and ignore these few narrow minded people that looks or whispers. What are we afraid of? Why should other people decide what we are allowed to wear? Fashion is about stretching the rules. The more of us that “dare” wearing pantyhose (and maybe a skirt) in public, the less the reaction will be for each day.

Check out my Flickr page with some of my own photos:

Apr 8, 2010
10:44 am
#36 newtightsfan :

Best site I’ve found so far. This has given me the impetus to just go out to Tescos a few weeks ago and buy a box of tights. Then admit it to my wife of 25 yrs the same week. She was fine and glad I confided with her, but not especially keen.

She did take them off me before making love once though. Most of the time she doesn’t know when I’m wearing them now these days she has said that as long as our boys don’t find out.

I must admit i’d love to wear them with shorts but think with hairy legs they do look silly so just at home with sports shorts if the boys are out. Shaving?? God I don’t even like shaving my chin!

For me it is sensual and a turn on. Sheer 7 denier best but flimsy. They constantly remind you you are wearing them when you move. Like a lot of men on here it started early teens but only now at 46 I thought I might as well just do it what is there to lose? I have always walked past the hosiery aisle with longing but at last I can stand there and choose some. No one ever bothers I suppose they think I’m buying for the mrs.

Try them hiking under thin waterproofs keep warm and feel great!

As its getting warm now I doubt I’ll carry on through warm weather. Roll on next autumn!

May 28, 2010
12:33 am
#37 Wolfords :


I have been wearing pantyhose with shorts since March 2003.

I have very white skin.

I was told by my Dr not to be out in the sun as much as possible. I have been fried so many times it wasnt funny. One year I even had second degree blisters on my forehead.

I hate snow white skin hanging out of shorts. It looks so tacky. I also don’t want spray painted sun tan either.

But I also told him about leg pain due to standing all day at my job.

He suggested support pantyhose.

Well I told my girlfriend what the Dr said and she said so. I’m like I don’t know.

About 2 weeks went by and I finally bought some. I wore them under my work clothes. Well I hated them.

Too itchy. My girlfriend suggested I shave my legs.

What!!! I’m like, that’s crazy.

She said thats why I was itching.

Well it took some time, but I finally shaved my legs.

The pantyhose felt great. No more itchys

Then when Spring/Summer of 2003 got here I started wearing the pantyhose with shorts.

I thought it was just great. I don’t have to get a tan as the pantyhose adds color, plus I get the comfort of the pantyhose. It was just great.

My first outing in pantyhose and shorts was May 2003 to a family reunion.

I wore black Leggs ActiveSupport pantyhose, blue shorts, a blue/white Polo shirts and TEVA sandals.

Nothing really at the reunion. Just a few people asked about them.

I never had even one bad comment about being a guy wearing pantyhose with shorts.

I usually wear tan, suntan, taupe and black colored pantyhose. I like Active Skins, Futuro, Jobst, Leggs, Peavy, Silkies, Wolfords, and some other UK brands.

I just go and do my daily business and now the pantyhose are just regular wardrobe attire to me.

I am so use to wearing pantyhose with shorts, that I am more confident being out in pantyhose with shorts than without the pantyhose.

I don’t feel men should be nervous about wearing pantyhose if they want. They will see no one really cares. People just go about their lives.

I been all over in pantyhose and shorts.

Hardware stores
Ice Cream shop
Sports events
Grocery Stores
Department Stores
Air Shows

I even got my girlfriend wearing pantyhose with shorts. I love how the pantyhose looks on her. But it took a long time to change her mind. She says its not proper dress edict for a women. I said heck with that. It makes your legs look that much nicer.

The thing I like is when a women asks me what brand I am wearing. She will say she likes the color or the look.

I say if a guy wants to wear pantyhose, just go right on and wear pantyhose.

Life is way too short to be bothered with such petty things, so be happy.

Keep wearing and be Happy……….I sure do


Jun 30, 2010
4:23 am
#38 alo2 :

I wear it too. Im from Southamerica and is very difficult wearit cos here, everybody have stigma: Wear panty is for woman… if you wear it Im gay.
Well, I dont think so… thanks, thats push me to keep with my idea.

Jul 17, 2010
1:31 pm
#39 craig :

i recently started wearing both nylons and panties, and i love the way they both feel. My next step is pantyhose.

Oct 10, 2010
9:30 pm
#40 Chris :

It is amazing how much I love wearing pantyhose and have been doing so for many years almost always every day and evey night. On a rare occasion such as a pool party I usually will not wear them. Believe me I would if there wasn’t the fear of ridicule. I always cannot wait to put them back on afterward.
I do however take plenty of chances and have been discovered a few times. I usually wear pantyhose that are as invisible as possible to allow me to wear them in almost all occasions. I would say the majority of peole do not notice, a small majority notice and do not comment and the smallest minority verbalizes something.
My absolute favorite is wearing my pantyhose exposed under shorts. The look and feel is indescribable. I am always looking for reasons to wear shorts and 99% of the time pantyhose are on also. Besides just walking around I like going to work out at the health club, it is great with pantyhose on. I like the feel of the pantyhose against the vinyl workout equipment. Besides it provides a layer of matereial between me and the equipment others have used. I am an avid cyclist and alnost always wear pantyhose exposed under my shorts. The other benefits include a smooth feel so chaffing against the seat is not an issue and the pantyhose tend to wick away sweat better than bare legs.
It is truly amazing to me that for the most part women and girls do not wear pantyhose. Could you just imagine being able to wear pantyhose and choosing not to. I read things on Sweet’s site about women feeling awkward about wearing pantyhose, I don’t get it. I thought that perhaps women and girls these days just felt it wasn’t cool to wear pantyhose.
I always hope it will become more acceptable for guys to wear panyhose. There is absolutly no segment, style or type of male clothing that women cannot wear without being considered socially unacceptable. I have seen womens underwear for sale refered to as “boy shorts”. Could you imagine mens underwear for sale called girl shorts. There was just an article in the paper this weekend how a new womens fashion is to wear mens overcoats.
I think mens pantyhose is a great topic and hope they become mainstream.

Nov 16, 2010
9:02 pm
#41 William Wilson :

I have taught SCUBA diving for more than 20 years. Many times, I wear panty hose openly, on the boat. When going in and out of the ocean several times a day, it does help to slip into a rubber suit much easier, And keeps you warmer. Many students after trying it, make it a normal processl.

Dec 18, 2010
9:28 pm
#42 don :

im a straight male married for 6 years with 2 children. my wife thinks i look good in pantyhose. she even buys them for me. i like to wear them under my jeans and dress pants. i havent got the urge to go out in public with them under shrots. i go out on the town with them under my pants. i even wear them to bed at night and i sleep better with them on. i like the leggs sheer energy(all sheer) and the active support. i think i have more pairs than my wife has!!

Feb 18, 2011
4:12 pm
#43 Thomas :

Hi, I’ve been wearing pantyhose most of my life hidden under my slacks or in my private living area , as for now I don’t have the need to show I am wearing hose although, I have considered wearing them with shorts, but being a shy guy I don’t think I could face meeting friends or family as it is still not recognized as a male article of clothing. My wife knows I enjoy wearing them and almost never comments about it to me, I don’t know what her feelings would be if I did decide to wear pantyhose exposed under shorts.
Pantyhose and stockings are as far as I will venture into cross-dressing and have no need to go any further, My favorite are ultra sheer 100% nylon in a neutral to suntan shade, I don’t like support hose, just the soft feeling of nylon on my legs.

Feb 22, 2011
11:46 am
#44 Phil :

That exactly my situation Thomas. My wife does comment sometimes in a joking way

May 31, 2011
5:28 pm
#45 Unknowen :

I have been wearing pantyhose for years and i love them its a graet idea for the record i am a strait guy dont be shy to express your feelings

Jul 23, 2011
12:53 pm
#46 matheus :

I love my pantyhose, i love the way they feel on my body and legs. i only worn them under pants and not shorts, but when i am alone in the house i only put on pantyhose and thats all, noting else, then i walk around in the house or outside in my garden.i also like to sleep in pantyhose. i dont know how many men in SA wear pantyhose, but i am one of them, if there are women who like men wearing pantyhose in SA, or men wearing pantyhose,please e-mail me.

Feb 21, 2012
9:24 pm
#47 pat :

I wear pantyhose I love 2 kinds the 1st one is sheer nude the 2ND one I LOVE to wear are fishnets both are wonderful to wear but there’s only one way I will wear either one and that way is commando I am a male that loves the way the material rubs when I get a BONER its more noticed by women I think no panties for me thank you commando for me.

May 27, 2012
5:32 pm
#48 John :

I first tried thermal tights from Marks and Spencer when I was in my 20s. My girlfriend at the time was intrigued, and soon bought the same brand for herself. It was kinda cool, both of use going out wearing tights under our jeans. Since then I have tried sheer tights and pantyhose, and love them all. I them wear all the time under my pants, and sometimes with shorts, and never had a problem with any negative reaction. These days I wear pantyhose and shorts in the summer, and they make my legs look great. All men should try pantyhose – you will like it!!!!

Jul 25, 2013
3:07 am
#49 Darren :

I have been in business offices for the past 15 years and have worn slippery Pantyhose under my dress-pants almost every single day. After 15 years the only people that ever noticed (w/out me telling them at 1st) was 1 girl and 1 Man at different occasions, when they noticed the great quality of my ‘sheer dress socks’ in question. So I simply told them in a ‘maybe’ way, “Yeah, I think these are those new extra silky Pantyhose for Men & Women to share, you know those? You don’t!!!? Wow, you have to check them out-EVERYONE that tries them swears by them for life!” – -And aside from them, the girls that I have fooled around with – and every one of them really loved they way they felt – especially as both of us were wearing sheer Pantyhose. (I would rarely find a female dressed-up yet bare-legged sexually attractive.) One girl at the office kept up a 2 year Pantyhose playtime routine with me. Heaven-every single day. I am also larger than usual in the ‘manhood’ area – and sheer Pantyhose really do well with keeping me from ‘flopping around’ – yet the materiel being so sheer breathes very well. There is also the confidence feeling – knowing that I am wearing something very sexy under my clothes at work. And yes, they help a great deal when you are standing all day or sitting all day – even more so with the support Pantyhose. -oh get this, after that one Man learning that it was/is Pantyhose that I was wearing – he tried it out a bunch of times and I think he still wears them. Let’s all keep in mind that Men wore Pantyhose/tights for HUNDREDS of years before Women even showed any ankle.

Aug 27, 2013
7:07 pm
#50 Tom :

I wear fleshtone support pantyhose with shorts all the time. People either don’t notice, don’t look, or notice and quickly recover.

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