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UberGeek’s Computer Keyboard

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No Letters Keyboard

If I am forced to use this keyboard I’d write on it with a white perma marker.

You mastered Donkey Kong in pre-school. You hacked your first school terminal during recess before you were ten. You speak and think in various programming languages. And you can type faster than most dullards think. Finally, there is a keyboard that understands you: Das Keyboard. And what’s even better… the Das Keyboard II has been improved with a more responsive IBM style clicky keyboard.

Das Keyboard Ultimate is an enhanced 104 or 105-key USB PC keyboard equipped with 100% blank keys mounted on gold-plated and clicky high-end mechanical key switches. Not as elite a typist as you want to be? Not a problem. Das Keyboard Ultimate can teach you to type exponentially faster in just a couple of weeks. Since there are no letters to look at when typing, your brain is forced to memorize the key positions. Slower typers almost double their speed and fast typers become über fast! Built to outlast your typing career, Das Keyboard will provide a long life of comfortable, awe-inspiring typing. Give your old keyboard Das Boot with Das Keyboard, and remain Das Elite.

Link: UberGeek’s Computer Keyboard

German Link: Bleeper – Microblogging

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