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Festival of Pyrotechnics Valencia-7

Time is flying by – I had "3" working days since I am back from Berlin but it feels like I didn’t get anything done and in 2 weeks I’m leaving for the US to visit family. Again I’m offering to set up a Random Good Stuff reader meet if you are in KY or OH.

And to have even more distractions Valencia is celebrating The Day Of The Valencian Community filled with Mascletas, Firework Festivals (that’s where I shot the image above) and more parades.

Valencia – please let me work.

Also, yesterday it rained into 4 different spots in our apartment – one of our rooms even had tons of water on the floor. Man! Super annoying! I think I’m ready to move into an other place. This flat ist just too full with "little" compromises and for that price I think it’s time to move on. Got a place in the city center for us ? ;)

Hope you are all had a great week and an even better upcoming weekend.

Now get some coffee and enjoy this week’s link latter:

Do you want to be on this list? Just snatch some content and link back to RGS, or link to Criticker, MrDealio or Lastminute Auction in a post… it’s that easy. To get my attention you can email me. If I would be you …. I’d try to be one of the first ones to link to RGS .. this might get you a spot on top of the list.

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Oct 12, 2008
1:21 pm

Very nice links you get every week. :) What’s your secret ? :)

Oct 12, 2008
1:39 pm
#2 RGS :

Thank you M!hai … but there is really no secret to it .. I mean you linked to RGS too , he he .

Oct 12, 2008
1:43 pm

Yes, I have RGS in my feed, and if I find something that is related to my website audience I’m glad to link, but there are only in this post 25 links to your website, a good achievement when you think that some people fight really hard to get a link. :)

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