Magic LED Cube 2.0

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magic cube 2008

A different, more "modern" take of the the classic cube puzzle. That would be also a pretty neat iPhone application too. Any developer ready?

addicting cubeBasically the entire digital shebang is crammed with colour-changing LEDs, so instead of manually twisting segments you press buttons to move the colours in the desired direction. Genius. But wait, there’s more: the Magic Cube contains other games, including Landmine (six players take it in turn to push a button until they hit a ’landmine’), Noughts and Crosses and a Simon-style follow-my-leader challenge.

The original twisty-turny cube won countless design awards back in its heyday, and we fully expect this hi-tech version to follow suit. It really is a beautifully put-together object. All you have to do is solve it.

More info: Magic LED Cube 2.0

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Oct 21, 2008
6:25 pm
#1 jason :

if only this thing could teach the user how to solve itself

Oct 22, 2008
3:13 pm
#2 Ian :

I’ve been through years of therapy, and I still haven’t solved myself…

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