Let your Plant Twitter

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plant can twitter

After the whole hype about the blogging plant – now everyone can teach their plants to twitter. Talking of, feel free to follow me on twitter – right now showing on my twitter account: German twittering in the Midwest during the Election. I have a feeling this will be just the beginning. What a about a twitter pimple set? Pimple says – I’m ready to get squeezed. Right before: Ouch!

Once the kit is assembled, connect it to the Internet through the built-in ethernet jack, jam the leads into the plant’s soil, and subscribe to the plant’s twitter feed. It will tell you when it needs watering, or scold you if you’ve overwatered it, and report its status in between. The DIY Plant Twitter Kit comes unassembled, so you’ll have to break out the soldering iron and get to work. Don’t worry, it’s not that difficult to put together, and the satisfaction you get from building your own translation circuit.

More info: Plant Twitter Set

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