First Self Pulling Suitcase

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Oh no! This suitcase will create even more jobs being lost. Evil suitcase!

The first of its kind, this is the self-propelled luggage that automatically provides power assistance when you encounter inclines or are straining to roll the luggage. Sensors in the handle monitor how much force you are using to pull the suitcase and signal to electric motors in the wheels to engage when you are struggling, propelling the suitcase up to 3 MPH. The power assistance initiates only when the suitcase is in motion, the handle is pulled out from the suitcase, and it is tilted between 15° and 35°. When you encounter declines, the motors disengage, allowing you to control the unit like traditional rolling luggage.

More info: The Only Self Propelled Suitcase

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Posted by RGS   @   30 March 2009 3 comments
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