Bike Moto Horn

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moto bike horn

Get your bike motor humming and people jump out of your way.

Revving the Moto Horn!

Rev it up!

Did you ever wish that your piddly little bicycle was a fearsomely noisy motorbike? Course you did. It’s why you stuck spoke-bothering lollipop sticks in your forks and bent your mudguards inside out. ‘Phturrrrrppplll!’ But if you were really cool you bought one of those rev-able vroom-vrooming soundboxes.

The Moto Horn is an exact replica of the deafening spring-loaded noisemaker coveted by every bike-loving kid back in the 70s. Simply attach it to your handlebars (via a peasy clamp system), give it a twist and prepare to have your eardrums assaulted by its realistic (well, sort of) revving noise. Think Strepsil-less dinosaur gargling chainsaws and you’re halfway there. VROOM, VROOM!

More info: Bike Moto Horn

Posted by RGS   @   22 May 2009 5 comments
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