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How to stop my dog from barking?

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I need this. Not too much for my dog, French Bulldogs barely bark. But for that frikken dog from downstairs. These people downstairs moved in 2 month ago beneath us and their dog barks NONSTOP! They always leave the balcony door open so it’s bark echoes all over the place. I will get this anti bark device and will have it dangle right in front of their window from a string (only on sunny days since this device is only for indoor use)

This patented device quickly and humanely restores peace and quiet to a home vexed by a dog’s excessive barking. No special collar is required; when a dog barks within 25′ of the unit, it emits a harmless ultrasonic tone, inaudible to humans, that startles the animal into silence. The dog quickly associates its bark with the unpleasant sound, which conditions him to curb this undesirable behavior.

The unit can also be activated manually to help you correct a dog’s other bad habits, such as lying on furniture or foraging through the trash. One 9-volt battery (not included) provides power for about two months, and an LED indicates battery life.

More info: How to stop dog from barking device

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Posted by RGS   @   22 May 2009 4 comments
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May 24, 2009
3:49 pm
#1 angela grant :

please can you help me i work 4hours a day 2 at work 2 at home and 2 bak at work my dog who is a collie miniture and is 2yr old barks continuesly i have had 2 local authority letters of neighbours complaining can you offer me a solution please thankyou angela grant

May 24, 2009
3:53 pm
#2 RGS :

Angela … nonstop barking dog is tough. Either try to take the dog with you most of the time. Or train it by putting the dog in a seperate room for short times. Give him treats when he doesn’t bark. Or use the above item … this could help you too.

May 26, 2009
11:36 pm
#3 Barbi :

I have something very similar (but shaped like a house..random) and I can hear the sound, it’s one of those sounds you can almost feel in the back of your head. I’m sure it works great for some dogs. Mine thinks its annoying so he growls and barks at it when it makes the sound…very unproductive.

Jun 4, 2009
6:08 pm
#4 kimber :

To be honest i think using that bark devicce sounds good, because then you don’t have a dog barking 24/7 but i think it’s cruel to not let it bark sometimes, it’s a natural thing. Thats like having a device to stop us from talking. I’m not trying to critisise this product, but is there anyway you can stop it from stopping your dog from permanantly barking?

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