Dancy Dance Blinky LED Headphones

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They don’t look too comfortable but if you want the attention you have to take the pain .. Blink! Blink!

LED Earphones – Hifi Stereo Earphones with Music Responsive LED’s.

If listening to music were just about the music, there would be no demand for expensive iPods. In fact, listening to tunes is also about looking cool and these LED stereo hi-fi earbuds in diamond white are as stylish as it gets.

A string of three blue LED lights on each earbud dynamically pulses to the beat of whatever music track you’re listening to. Listen to Enya to create a subtle light show or throw on some Elvis Preseley for a fantastic light display guaranteed to get you noticed by that pretty girl or cute guy sitting next to you at Starbucks.
Don’t let the price fool you however. These in-ear headphones sound as good as they look. The CVIH-G59 reproduces deep bass like a pro and richly handles high pitch audio for a brilliant stereo performance of the highest highs and the lowest lows every time.

More info: Dancy Dance Blinky LED Headphones

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