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Koziol is a famous German company which specializes in designer plastic products for the household.  I recently visited their  headquarters in Odenwald, Germany, and am doing a series of posts about what I saw.  This is the second… if you missed the first one, click here.


Every Koziol product is first produced in small scale on a 3D printer before it goes into production.


What I like about Koziol besides their products is their company philosophy. They could easily move production to China to increase profits, but they’ve stayed true to Odenwald, Germany, and have given a lot back to the region which helped them become a successful company.

Most everything is designed and produced in Erbach. Some designers are hired out of house, and they also have given design students a chance to have their work produced.

Here are some images of Koziol’s molding forms:


Koziol stores all their molding forms right next to the production hall. So in the case of a big order, they can run & grab the necessary form without delay.


The forms have recently been cataloged to make finding them faster.

The molding forms which Koziol users are very complex, since they have to produce sometimes very delicate pieces.




The machines which produce these kind of forms:




Once a form has been built it needs to be maintained well, because forms will malfunction after they’ve been in use for a while.

As an example of a malfunction, this little bunny has nasty lines on his sides:


The bunny was created by this molding form:


When something like this happens, the workers have to resolve the issue by hand:




Next, the Koziol production hall — where the magic happens. Don’t miss it! Please subscribe to my RSS Feed.

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Jun 22, 2009
5:46 am
#1 rebekah :

Thanks for showing all of the molds! I’ve been making molds myself recently for smaller things & I know the process is long. It’s really cool to see how the professionals do their work.

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