Dream / Pyramid Electronic Car Auction

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pyramid car


You just have to learn how to dodge the beaming up laser. Aliens what the vehicle back!

Original text from the auction page:

Zanis plans to make the pyramid shaped Dream Car 123 go over 250mph in a Tunnel from city to city. Right now Greg has made a prototype that goes about 15 to 20 and may go up to 40 down hill. The prototype is what you see in the videos here on there on the website. We want to make the real car someday right now we are looking for investors. This renewable energy car can be charge in a solar tower garage made for the car. The garage will have a wind turbine to turn wind and sunbeams into usable electricity that will charge the batteries insane the tower. Then the towel using all green energy can be used to charge your car and power your home.

Link to the auction: Dream / Pyramid Electronic Car Auction

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