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annoy your neighbor

Couple of month we moved into a new … emmm bohemian neighborhood called Carmen here in Valencia. We knew it is going to be a little more rough but that we were in for such a treat I would have never guessed.

Crack smoking in the middle of the day, prostitutes just down the street, drug selling, huge fire behind our house. And on top of it we got nice loving neighbors beneath us. Constant screaming, dog barking, elevator blocking and they just throw their trash including burning cigarettes in the hall way.

This CD is shopped – neighbors get ready!

CD is packed with 99 tracks of the most irritating sounds to play at home or office.
Just pick a track, hit repeat and leave for awhile. Come back to a room full of raving lunatics! "Enjoy" sounds like: dog barking, chain saw, emergency broadcast, off-the-hook phone and more.

More info: Annoy Your Neighbor CD

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Posted by RGS   @   20 June 2009 2 comments
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Jun 21, 2009
10:09 pm
#1 A :

So, great, just add to the misery?

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