Tron Guy Airplane Auction

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Tron Guy how made it on the Random Good Stuff list of 8 reasons why women stay single has to sell his Tron Plane due la CRISIS.

I am Jay Maynard, the Tron Guy. I bought this airplane new from AMD on June 12, 2008. It’s a fully equipped Zodiac XLi, the last CH601XLi built before AMD switched to the CH650LSi. This is not an experimental aircraft, unlike most Zodiacs flying, but a factory-built SLSA.

It’s loaded to the gills with a full IFR panel, including a Garmin GNS430W nav/comm/GPS, a Garmin GTX330 mode S transponder, a Garmin SL40 backup comm radio, a Garmin GMA340 audio panel, and a TruTrak Digiflight IIVSG two-axis autopilot with GPS steering and vertical speed select. There’s a mount for a Garmin GPS496 on the center console, and the unit is wired in to aircraft power and audio panel. It’s fully certified and legal to fly IFR.

The airframe has nearly every option AMD offers, including a leather interior, Temperfoam seating, canopy cover, parking brake, wheel pants, electric aileron trim, dual trim controls, fuel flow meter, Koger sun shade, tow bar, and a Tanis heater system for the O-200 engine.

I designed the paint to match my TRON costume, without going completely overboard. The green color is a direct match for the color of the costume, done specially by AMD’s paint supplier. It’s unusual, but everyone who sees it loves it. The airplane turns heads everywhere it goes. The same goes for the interior, which I designed – and it’s never been smoked in. (My preflight passenger briefing includes the sentence "If you smoke in my airplane, I’ll assume you’re on fire and take appropriate measures.")

Auction Link: Tron Guy Airplane Auction

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