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DIY Giant, Huge maybe Sexy Lip Set

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DIY Lips Kit

Easy Huge Lips

I just don’t get it. What’s up with this obsession with poofy lips which it seems Angelina Jolie (aka Hamburger Lips) started.Now use the suction ball to look as “sexy” as her!

When I was a teen I was sucking on a glass until the vacuum was sealing it on my lips. Funny .. hahah. After 5 minutes or so I had huge giant hicky around my lips. Which made me look like a clown. And yes, of course I had to go to school next day. Just so you know. Pretty sure that poofy lip maker above won’t create such suction, only nice and poofy, giant, sexy lips. Happy pumping!

No injections, no pain, no nonsense tingling cream.

Most beauty experts agree that plump lips are the most important feature for a young and attractive look. CosmeSearch, Inc, a leader in innovative beauty products, has invented a new lip plumping and enhancing system. Here is how it works: Micro Collagen Plumping Balm will penetrate and hydrate the lips. The Plumping Device gently activates molecules, dramatically increases lip size by plumping up lips naturally. Fuller lips don’t have to cost a fortune.

More info: DIY Giant, Huge maybe Sexy Lip Set

- Super Cheap Fashion

Posted by RGS   @   2 July 2009 3 comments
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Jul 2, 2009
6:03 pm
#1 Ali :

OH MAN! I did the same thing – my whole mouth and chin all bruised. That was embarrassing going to school hahaha

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